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Advanced Breast Imaging has NEW tech that can help

Posted at 7:58 AM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 13:29:07-04

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When 41-year-old female patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, had her first annual mammogram, she was told she has dense breasts and referred to Dr. Maddie Assar for additional screening.

With no family history of breast cancer and no sign of tumors on her mammogram, she was shocked to learn that she indeed had 2 cm cancerous mass, which only showed up on a 3D scan performed with a SOFIA 3D Ultrasound machine.

Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence in women with dense breast tissue.

Dense breast tissue and cancerous masses have the same density on the mammogram (both look white on the images). Therefore, these masses are masked by dense tissue and can't be visualized on the images, especially when they are small.

While having dense breast tissue in itself is not abnormal, it is important for women to know the density of their breasts:

40% of women have Dense Breast Tissue

Women with dense breast tissue have 4-6 times greater risk of developing breast cancer when compared to women with non-dense breast tissue

The effectiveness of mammography is reduced when dense breast tissue is present

A recent study showed that only 1 in 5 women were aware that having dense breasts makes it hard for a mammogram to detect breast cancer. Only 1 in 8 women were aware that having dense breasts increases breast cancer risk. (cited source:

While, currently, 37 states require some level of breast density notification after a mammogram, unfortunately, not all physicians take the time to explain to their patients what it means to have dense breast tissue. (cited source:

Dr. Maddie Assar is the top Radiologist specializing in dense breasts in the state of Arizona and she's advocating for women to get educated on this topic and have a conversation with their physician about their breast density.

"It's important for women to be aware of their breast density and in most cases, they don't need permission from their physician to get additional testing. Patients are welcome and encouraged to schedule their screening directly on our website and I work with each patient's screening results myself," said Dr. Maddie Assar.

She has two office locations, Scottsdale and Prescott, and uses one of the most advanced technologies on the market to provide whole-breast imaging with the SOFIA 3D Ultrasound machine.

The SOFIA machine has top-notch scanning technology that scans each breast in 30-seconds and is very comfortable for the patient. There is no squeezing of the breast. It is an extremely efficient process that provides great visuals for the Radiologist and comfort for the patient.

Visit our website or call today, 480-272-7899, to schedule your appointment.