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Add drama to your face with Lash Leaf eyelash curler

Posted at 7:49 AM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 12:48:30-05

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Written by Jovay Ezell

Since its launch in the beauty industry three years ago, Lash Leaf has built its brand through different marketing avenues, such as being featured on television commercials, Sonoran Living segments, and has even branched into the Hispanic community being featured on Despierta Arizona on Univision. The creator of this product, Angelic Garza-Parsons, based its design on an old Latin beauty hack: the spoon. Years prior, she herself used a spoon to curl her eyelashes. She decided something needed to change after she was caught using it by one of her friends, who thought she was smoking crack! Seriously. With the help of her father and brother, the first prototype of the Lash Leaf was born.
For those girls that still use their spoons, listen to this. The official Lash Leaf website has gotten several positive reviews. Even some from women who switched from the spoon to the Lash Leaf. One user, Haydee, said "I've always used a spoon and now [I] can't live without my Lash Leaf! (Which feels less awkward to use) Thank you." Unlike the spoon, the Lash Leaf is dual ended. The wider end can be used to curl longer lashes and give them a dramatic look. The narrower end can help reach shorter lashes.
The spoon isn't the only tool the Lash Leaf trumps in quality. The traditional eyelash curler pinches and cuts, and is uncomfortable to use overall. Plus, its small size doesn't fit every eye. User Aleena said on the Lash Leaf website, "The Lash Leaf is literally the only thing that will curl my lashes. They're too long for a regular eyelash curler and I had an incident where my eyelashes got cut off because of a regular one. Never will I go back." Think about it. Traditional eyelash curlers can be bought at a Walgreens for $8, but just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's worth damaging those eyelashes. Even $50 versions of the cheap curlers aren't worth it.
It can be a difficult decision to invest in a new product. Especially when a product such as Lash Leaf is not only new in design, but new in concept. With the Lash Leaf, there's no risk. Try it! If it works, share it on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform.