Savvy finds to de-stress in 2013

If you're looking for ways to de-stress in 2013, these products may help.

Swipe Apparel is a must for any man who owns a touchscreen gadget or smartphone! The T-shirts and ties come in a variety of styles and combine fashion with functionality. How many times have you tried cleaning off your touchscreen with the corner of your shirt or pant leg? The special microfiber material on Swipe Apparel makes it easy to wipe off grease and dirt without scratching the surface.  Available online at

Chilly Jilly is for any woman whose body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. With convenience in mind, these darling, soft and colorful wraps fit into a stylish little bag that you throw into your purse. Then you can unfurl them the minute you get chilled. Also from Chilly Jilly - brilliant bracelets that double as hair ties and on-the go gloves! All at:

Less is more in the accessories world! So rather than buying a handful of designer rings & necklaces, stretch your budget with WHIMSY. The WHIMSY™ collection offers any woman the opportunity to change her mind with sparkle and shine. WHIMSY jewelry consists of a high quality setting, that's built to let you take a ring or a necklace and change it up on a whim, with a vast array of glass beads made by the major bead manufacturers including Trollbeads, Pandora™ and Chamilia™.  Seamless interchangeability means you can match any outfit or mood with WHIMSY!
Forget getting regular and oh-so pricey massages. This year, de-stress with Dr. Oz endorsed, BED OF NAILS acupressure mat and pillow. Yes, sleeping on a bed of nails is a GOOD thing! Both the pillow and mat feature non-toxic plastic spikes designed to stimulate the body to release endorphins (feel good hormones) and oxytocin (pain blockers), similar to how needles work in acupuncture. Bed of Nails got its start in Sweden and now a whopping 10 percent of their population owns one.  In the U.S. athletes from the NHL RedWings to Hollywood A-listers like Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lopez swear by the product to alleviate back and neck pain, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Use Bed of Nails for at least 10 minutes a day and you'll notice less pain, less stress and more relaxation in your life.

And finally for parents of school aged kids: how many times have you wanted to remind your child about something smack in the middle of their school day? Now, no more nagging thanks to Frecklebox Kid's savvy chalkboard lunchboxes. Each personalized lunchbox opens up to a chalkboard, so you can write little Jimmy or Janie a message in the morning and he or she will get it at lunch!

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