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RedRiver Health and Wellness Center: Symptoms of low thyroid

Posted at 7:38 AM, Mar 15, 2018
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Have you been diagnosed with low thyroid? 
Are you taking hormone replacements, but still experiencing symptoms? 
Do you suspect you have a thyroid problem although doctors say 
your test results are normal? 

If you are suffering from any of the signs or symptoms below, the doctors at RedRiver Health and Wellness Center may be able to greatly improve your quality of life. 

Low Thyroid Signs and Symptoms: 
· Extreme fatigue or need for excessive amounts of sleep to function 
· Weight gain 
· Headaches 
· Depression 
· Constipation 
· Sensitivity to cold weather 
· Poor circulation and numbness in hands and feet 
· Chronic digestive problems 
· Itchy, dry skin 
· Slow healing wounds 
· Poor immune function 
· Dry or brittle hair 
· Hair loss, especially the outside portion of eyebrows 
· Inflammation or swelling 

Why am I still suffering from these symptoms? 
When you are suffering from low thyroid signs or symptoms, a physician may only order tests that measure the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If the TSH comes back elevated, the typical treatment is hormone replacement. However, the thyroid is rarely the main cause of high TSH; it is most often due to an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's or an endocrine imbalance somewhere else in the body. Your symptoms do not improve or may even get worse because nothing is being done to manage the cause of your condition. The most common issues that cause a low thyroid are listed below. 
· Hashimoto's Disease, the number one cause of low thyroid in the United States. 
· Increased thyroid binding proteins 
· Nutrient deficiency 
· Anterior pituitary hypo-function 

The thyroid is a complex organ with many different metabolic functions. The following four-step process is required to diagnose and manage a patient efficiently: 
1. order the correct lab tests; 
2. know how to analyze those test results; 
3. build a treatment plan for each individual's specific needs; and 
4. teach and educate a patient they are empowered to be actively involved in their healthcare, which will aid in optimal control and understanding of their condition. 

If a healthcare professional omits one or more of these steps, you will most likely continue having health challenges. You are unique, and it is very important to personalize each management plan to address your specific needs. 

What is Hashimoto's Disease? 
The number one cause of low thyroid in America is Hashimoto's Disease; an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid. If not treated properly, it can lead to other serious autoimmune diseases and health complications. 
Proper management of Hashimoto's Disease requires detailed testing and analysis used to pinpoint the culprits flaring up the autoimmune response; the thyroid is the victim in this case. The Hashimoto's is the mechanism causing all the problems! This is why you may have normal TSH levels but still feel ill. Your immune response is raging through your body causing problems. It is like a fire alarm warning of a house fire. Rather than simply " turning off the alarm," and not bothering to extinguish the fire that is destroying the house, the healthcare professionals at RedRiver Health and Wellness Center work hard to address the cause of your condition instead of simply masking the symptoms. 

How is your approach different? 
RedRiver Health and Wellness Center doctors order detailed tests to evaluate what may be causing your thyroid problem. For example, if you have Hashimoto's Disease, you may have 7-10 different triggers, ranging from cortisol/hormonal defects needing to be restored to simple dietary and lifestyle changes. We find the specific triggers that cause the immune response to flare up. Then we work to reduce the triggers which will consequently improve your symptoms. Typically, our patients go from having 0-5 good days a month to 20-25 good days a month. We do not claim to cure Hashimoto's Disease or any other autoimmune disease. With you, we co-manage your condition so it doesn't continue to rage through your body. 
Throughout our program, we emphasize educating you about healthy and unhealthy behaviors associated with your disease. You will go from being confused, frustrated, and hopeless to empowered and knowledgeable about your health. If we find lifestyle and dietary triggers, then you will need to make those changes accordingly. Our program will adjust your lifestyle to best manage your health condition: thus, you cannot complete our program and then return to old habits. If you choose to do that, you will eventually experience the same symptoms you did prior to our program. We realize that lifestyle changes can be extremely difficult, but changes that greatly improve your quality of life are worth it. 4833-2937-0386.1 

What types of lab testing do you typically order? 
Many providers misinterpret their patients' symptoms and order inadequate lab tests that can lead to misdiagnosis or ineffective treatment. The testing we order consists of detailed blood tests, comprehensive hormone panels, DNA tests, cortisol tests, adrenal stress tests, food intolerance tests, urine tests, and saliva tests. We are trained and experienced at analyzing the results and do not guess when it comes to your health. 
We customize a management program for your individual endocrine/physiological imbalances. Each patient has totally different imbalances than the next patient even though they have the same condition. We pride ourselves in staying updated on the most recent literature and research from the top health journals in the world. The myriad of tests we request assists us in forming an accurate profile of your body and the most efficient and effective strategy to help you feel like yourself again. 
Evidence-Based Clinical Nutrition and Supplements 
Most medications used for chronic conditions address the symptoms. They block, inhibit, and down-regulate physiological function while often causing side effects. The mechanism and imbalances of that patient's condition go over looked. RedRiver doctors use evidence-based clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals and adaptogens designed to up-regulate, enhance and restore function to that particular imbalance. We then retest the blood work to make sure we are seeing measurable improvements. This is a scientific evidence-based approach to restoring the imbalances for each specific patient. Patients' reports of feeling better are then verified by measurable outcomes through re-testing. 

So how do I get help? 
Call (801) 446-2822 now for a free consultation. (South Jordan, UT) 
Call (435) 767-9355 now for a free consultation. (St. George, UT) 
Call (505) 247-1000 now for a free consultation. (Albuquerque, NM) 
Call (480) 970-5555 now for a free consultation. (Phoenix, AZ) 

Here at RedRiver Health and Wellness, we are confident in what we do. We specialize in helping a diverse population of people who want to improve their health. Our patients and doctors are continually pleased with the results that we witness every day. 

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to dramatically improving your health, well-being, and quality of life. If we work together, we can achieve the results that you want and deserve.* 

Yours in health, 
Dr. Joshua Redd, DC, DABFM 
Chiropractic Physician 
Diplomate in Functional Medicine 
Focusing on Disorders of the Endocrine System 
*Do not discontinue medication or hormone replacement therapy without consulting with your prescribing physician. If you know you have Hashimoto's disease and/or a permanently low thyroid, 
stopping medication can be dangerous. In these cases, your tissues are damaged and cannot always produce the proper life-sustaining hormones they need. We focus in getting to the root cause of the disease, but if you have a permanent low thyroid it is also very important to take some type of thyroid hormone. By co-managing with your physician we are able to get the best results. 

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This program has improved my life through a series of health benefits such as: (1) weight loss, (2) headaches, (3) my asthma is in better control and I can breathe easier, (4) my blood pressure is down and I have been able to take less medicine, (5) I sleep better and awaken refreshed, (6) I'm not feeling depressed. Overall I have much more energy and I have a better outlook on life; I haven't felt this good in 20 years! When you are really ready for some help, you can find it with Red River. The program is well worth the effort because you will receive great benefits from it. It's given me hope and determination to change my health around. It is very difficult to choose one aspect of my health improvement to be most pleased about because altogether they have given me my life back. That being said, after years of high blood pressure and weight gain, the relief from these ailments have given me a great boost. I appreciate all the doctor's positive attitude and outlook. They always stayed positive even during times when I failed to follow the program exactly. Their encouragement got me back on track and is keeping me going. 
- Sharon 

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