RECIPES: Oktoberfest celebration at Brat Haus

Try a traditional German roast for Oktoberfest at the Brat Haus!

Cabbage 25Lb
Sea salt 6.8Oz

Shred Cabbage to desired thickness, mix well with sea salt while breaking cabbage down to start fermenting process. Place into crock and seal, leave untouched for at least 2 weeks

German Potato Salad
Bacon 4Lb
Red Onion4Lb
Roasted Fingerling potatoes10Lb
Haus Whole grain1Quart
Sea salt4Oz
white cooking wine1Cup

Cube bacon and start rendering in large pan, slice red onion and add to cooked bacon. Shred cabbage and add to bacon and onions. Sweat cabbage until just cooked through. Finish with sea salt, Whole grain mustard and cooking wine. Fold in roasted (coined) fingerlings.

High Performance Flour1lb
Yellow mustard seed1Oz
Sea salt.5Oz
Whole black pepper(ground).5Oz   
Milk10Fl Oz
Dijon mustard.3Lb

Mix all dry ingredients in one mixing bowl, and all wet ingredients in another.
Mix dry into wet when ready to cook.
Cook in salted, boiling water - using some sort of perforated pan and spatula to scrap batter through into water creating tear drop shape. Once cooked remove from water and place into ice water to stop the cooking process.
To serve - cook in sauté pan with a little bit of olive oil until a nice sear has been achieved.

Brat Haus
3622 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

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