RECIPES: Favorite football foods from Chicago Hamburger Company

Chicago Hamburger Company prepares favorite football foods and shares their recipes.

1                            yellow onion, chopped
1/2                        green bell pepper, chopped
2 lb.                       ground beef, or ground turkey
8-16 oz.                your favorite BBQ sauce

Put onions and peppers in bottom of pot, spread out to cover.
Add ground beef over the veggies, breaking it up in your hands as you do.
Heat on medium flame.
Make sure veggies stay underneath at first as they need more time to cook. You won't need oil unless you use a very lean ground beef or turkey.
As veggies get soft and meat turns gray, stir and break up the ground meat.
Continue cooking until no more blood is in the meat. Now it's your choice, drain the cooking liquid or keep it.
Even if you're going to keep it drain some as you don't want it to be too watery. (Remember, that's flavor you're pouring down the drain).
Add BBQ sauce to desired level, just don't make it too dry. Simmer on low for 30 minutes, and have at it.

2 each             red bell peppers, chopped coarse
2 each             green bell peppers, chopped coarse
1                       yellow onion, chopped coarse
1 stalk              celery, cut 1/4 inch
12 oz jar          pepperoncinis, seeded, sliced ( save liquid)
4 oz.                 jalapenos, pickled and sliced   ( save liquid)
4 oz.                 red wine vinegar
                         olive or canola oil
pinches of.....salt, pepper, oregano, granulated garlic, baking soda

Mix all ingredients together, pour in enough olive oil to cover all the veggies.
Refrigerate and wait at least 3 days to let tastes combine. Will last 1 month under refrigeration.

Option:  Add small green pitted olives, pickled garlic cloves, or anything else that strikes your fancy. We also add sliced sport peppers (hot dog).                

 4 each          green bell peppers, roasted until charred
pinches of salt, pepper, garlic, oregano

Half, seed and core peppers before roasting. Roast both sides until peppers soften and begin to char.
If you char them too much, put them in a zip-lock bag for 20 minutes. They'll steam and be easier to clean.
Cut peppers in 1/2 wide strips, place in container and cover with water.
Add spices and refrigerate.
When you're ready to use, heat and hold them on low temperature still covered in the liquid.

32oz. (qt)                          beef broth
4 oz.                                   cooking sherry
2 dash                                Worcestershire sauce
pinches of... pepper, oregano, garlic, whole fennel (a couple of pinches of fennel) DON'T add salt. Canned or boullion broth always has a high salt content.

Add the onion ends and peels, and celery ends and hearts left over from the giardanara.
Cook in a pot over medium heat for 1 hour or until veggies are soft.
Cool on countertop, then refrigerate without straining if you're using it later. Strain it when you reheat it later.      

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