Luca Lashes: 5 tips to help your child conquer the big 'firsts'

Learn about a series of eBooks that were created to help your kids conquer their fears of the big firsts.

First trip to the dentist:
Be mindful not to project your own feelings about the dentist. Stress the importance of good dental hygiene-and how the dentist helps you have clean, healthy teeth. At home, teach your child how and why to use a toothbrush, then use a timer when they brush.

First swimming lesson:
Getting a child comfortable in the water can give a child confidence to handle a lot of new experiences. Goggles will help your child be more comfortable in the water and pool toys that you need to dive to retrieve will make swimming fun, rather than something to fear.

First plane ride:
Enlist the help of a small and portable tablet to make your toddler comfortable, keep him engaged, and hopefully help him learn something along the way. You can also introduce the flight experience beforehand with an app such as Luca Lashes has his First Flight.

First trip to the doctor:
Buy a toy doctor kit with things like a stethoscope, shot dispenser, and a fake plastic hammer. Your child will become familiar with the sites and sounds of the doctor and associate them with fun rather than fear.

First day of school:
It's helpful for your child to have something familiar to bring to school, such as a lunch bag and water bottle that she helped pick out.

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