Junior Achievement of Arizona helps teens get ready to find jobs

From resumes to your first interview, there's a lot to learn about getting a job.

The JA You're Hired! Challenge event is an innovative program from Junior Achievement that helps young people gain work readiness skills they'll use today and in their future careers.

Junior Achievement of Arizona's JA You're Hired! Program is a locally created, nationally recognized
youth development program specifically designed to promote tangible workforce readiness skills by  
combining in-classroom and online lessons with an exciting day-long student competition.

In-classroom lessons that focus on crucial skills like résumé writing, effective interviewing techniques,
public speaking and how to dress for success help students gain an understanding of the business  

During a series of workshops and competitions, the students showcase their learning, develop  
their ability to solve problems, work collectively, and assume leadership roles.

You can find a short video of the event at www.jaaz.org/events/your-hired/

This is your future workforce…

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to inspire Arizona's youth and help them become the exemplary employees you're looking for!

For more information on how to get involved or to sponsor a student, please call 480-377-8500 or visit www.jaaz.org.

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