Holiday crafts: Make fall-theme wine charms for Thanksgiving Day

PHOENIX - For me, this Thanksgiving has more meaning than ever! Hopefully, my son will be home for good after serving three years in the Army. I hope to have him at our table for the first time in four years. I want to help him feel welcomed and loved. The below project for Thanksgiving Day Charms will help you do the same for the people you love and give thanks for having them in your life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Thanksgiving Day Charms

Level: Easy but requires adult supervision

By: Terri O.


Thanksgiving designs or a creative imagination
Shrink Art or Poly Shrink
Colored pencils or permanent markers
Heat gun or oven
Heat proof pad if using a heat gun
Jump rings
Needle nose pliers
Narrow ribbon
Hole puncher


  1. Using the sandpaper, rough up the sheet of plastic before you draw your design.
  2. Draw your design at least half the size bigger than you want it to be. Most plastics will shrink down about 45 percent.
  3. Cut around your design. Be sure to leave enough room to punch holes at the top. Punch a hole at the top for the wire. Remember the hole will shrink too! You may have to punch two to make it a little bigger.
  4. If using the oven, follow the directions from the manufacturer. I used a heat gun and a Teflon pad. Hold the gun over the plastic until it uncurls from the heat. You may need to flatten it a bit. Be careful, it's hot.
  5. Add a jump ring to the hole then a ribbon or wire wine ring. You can find them in the jewelry section of a craft store.
  6. Attach your charm to your glass.
  7. If you know who's coming to dinner this is a great way to personalize your table and make your guests feel welcome.
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