Glam Squad: Prom season is here! See latest fashion trends

Prom is just around the corner, and the ladies of Glam Squad have some tips to have your teen looking her very best.

If your daughter didn't get her attire yet, better start looking for one as soon as possible.

Just take the Glam Squad's word for it - nothing makes a prom party more awesome than wearing a dress from Glam Squad that makes you feel beautiful.

Sleek dresses as well as dressy with a light airy feel are going to take the prom world by the storm. Take a peek into any prom fashion catalog and you will see outfits of that sort on almost every page. Don't hesitate to highlight your strong points!

What's hot in prom fashion in 2013? In terms of colors, the Glam Squad says red is going to be all the rage this season.

More than that, gold dresses with various beautifying additions will also be fashionable in 2013 prom season. 

Neon coral, neon green, light aqua and any shade of blue is also being seen on prom fashion show runways all over the world for spring 2013!

And no matter what's hot in prom fashion in 2013, whenever your teen is on the lookout for the dress of her dreams, be sure to keep a few golden rules of thumb in mind.

First of all, the Glam Squad says not to hurry. We realize that, at times, it might be difficult to apply that rule, particularly, if the prom is at a short notice. However, when you are able to avoid that, make sure to plan the dress research in advance.

After all, this leaves you some time to erase any imperfections in the dress. Go in and spend some time with the ladies at Glam Squad. They will help you find the dress that fits your body type and your personality perfectly!  

Just one word of warning - the Glam Squad suggests never shopping on your own. They say it's better to have your teen take someone with her. Although she's the person that makes the ultimate decision, relying on the other individual's impressions is a great idea. Maybe that's you!

Another pair of eyes would give her a good insight into what particular prom dresses are like. There has to be a balance though. Don't have her take too many people and get confused by getting so many differing opinions. Take someone whose opinion she trusts.

Going to prom is one of the most fun and memorable occasions in her life. Buying a dress should be equally as fun and memorable. 

Glam Squad will also register the dress she selects and will not sell the same dress to anyone else going to her prom! 

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