GIVE: Get involved, make a difference by volunteering your time

If you're looking for a way to give back to your community, "GIVE" has some ideas for you.

GIVE: Girls who Inspire, Volunteer and Empower
Address/Location: N/A
Phone Number:  480-239-5239    
You can also check out their website on

You can Google: Meetup GIVE and you will see their link listed at the top.

Saturday January 12 at 11 am
Hosting a fun day at the park filled with games taught by an experienced fitness instructor with refugee families from the agency, Arizona Immigrant and Refugee Services.

Tuesday January 15 at 6 pm
Working with the agency, Orchard Africa to make bracelets for HIV/AIDS awareness in Southern Africa. Missionaries will distribute the bracelets in rural villages of Southern Africa after a HIV/AIDS awareness presentation.

Saturday January 19 at 2 pm
Working with the Homeless at Central Arizona Shelter Services handing out donations of clothes and shoes to the homeless.

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