Film Bar: Enjoy drinks, movies, and relaxation in Phoenix

Just for a second, let's step back and remember a time when 3-D and CGI didn't distract from the substance of a movie.

You got to talk amongst friends about what you liked or disliked over a beer or a glass of wine. Well, those days are still here and you can find them at the Film Bar in downtown Phoenix.

No rush here, just a relaxing place to sit back and soak up the atmosphere of indie, cult, and foreign films. Of course the comfy 1970s theater seating makes it even more relaxing.

The chairs are that comfortable! If you want something a little more elevated the high top tables in the back of the theater is your spot. You can purchase a bottle of wine or your favorite brew or even bring in your own munchies. Sounds too good to be true…right?

Well, before or after your favorite flick airs, you can enjoy the mixed textured vibe of the lounge that serves up wines, local brews and even fresh popped pop corn. It's all surrounded by the sounds of global music provided by Stinkweeds Record Exchange.

Film Bar also hosts live DJ's, stand-up comedians, and local bands on select nights.   

Step in and step out of the Film Bar knowing you have experienced something very unique to the Valley and maybe next time the CGI movie will just have to wait a little longer.

Film Bar serves up a sweet membership deal $66 for 12 movie tickets, any time happy hour prices, and special promos.

Film Bar
815 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

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