Crepe Bar: Truckin' Good Food offers delicious crepes

Jeff Krause was a mobile pioneer when it comes to food trucks in the Valley.

His idea came to light on a flight returning from France. Why not crepes prepared with farm fresh flavors served out of a food truck?

Well, the idea worked and it put Phoenix on the map when Serious Eats and The Huffington Post told everyone that you must try these culinary flavors of this little truck named Truckin' Good Food.

Basically, the name said it all and it was a good run for Krause.

He has shifted to a permanent location with a new name, the Crepe Bar. Fresh made crepes prepared with fresh vegetables and local meats. One of a kind pastries and deserts that are paired with the perfect espresso drinks and teas.

Jeff Krause is a culinary mastermind that never stops thinking about new menu items. I'm sure that is why his Truckin' Good Foodies keep following him and don't be surprised if you become one, it's that good!

Crepe Bar
7520 S. Rural Road
Tempe, Arizona

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