Craft ideas: Fun with leftover fabric!

Crafting With Fabrics
With the summer quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about creative projects that can be done in the indoors.   Finances are a concern for many these days, so cost is a factor as well.  Since so much time is spent inside beating the heat, why not combine a crafty activity that is inexpensive, can be done indoors, and beautifies your indoor space at the same time?

Crafting with fabric scraps and re-purposed picture frames is an excellent way to get your crafty on while staying out of the heat and adding cool décor to your home.  Depending on your budget of both time and money, this craft can be tailored to what you are comfortable in spending in dollars and effort.  

What You Will Need:
For all of the variations you will need:
·    Picture frame (free - about $4.99 at salvage stores)
·    Fabric (free - varying depending on fabric selection and size needed)
·    Scissors
·    Double sided tape or glue
·    Acrylic paint and paint brush if needed

Find a picture frame to your liking.  Salvage stores, garage sales and even your garage are great places to find wonderful frames that are perfect for this project.  Wooden frames can be lightly sanded and painted with acrylic paint if you wish.  Find a fabric that matches your décor or project vision.  If you are a crafter you may already have scraps.  If not,  you can use an old piece of clothing, a cloth napkin, a scarf, or you can by a small measure at a crafting store.  (Stay away from tight woven polyester as glues and paints don't adhere as well). Cut the fabric to the size of the inside of the frame (at least as big as the frame glass).  Adhere the fabric to the frame backing using double sided tape or adhesive. Flatten out the fabric so it is a smooth surface to work on.
For the quick/more costly variation (blue background) you will additionally need:
·    Adhesive wall decorations found in the home décor section of crafting stores (From about $10 at crafting stores)

After you have prepared your smooth fabric covered surface map out where you want your decorations to sit on the fabric.  Adhere the decorations to the fabric.  Place the back in the frame.
For the mid price/mid time variation (black background) you will additionally need:
·    Acrylic paint (2oz bottle $1.29)
·    Fabric Medium (2oz bottle $2.00)
·    Brush or sponge
·    Stencil  (From $1.99 at craft store or can be hand cut from cardstock)

Mix the acrylic paint in the color of your choice with the fabric medium at a ratio of 3/1 (ie. ¾ oz paint and ¼ oz medium).  Place the stencil on the fabric where desired and secure with tape.  Using a brush or sponge, carefully tamp in color to the stencil to the desired opaqueness, being careful not to lift the edges of the design.  Carefully lift the stencil. Let the design dry and insert into the frame.
For the least cost/most time variation (gold background) you will additionally need:
·    A pencil
·    Additional fabrics
·    ideas
·    Time

Using additional fabrics to embellish the flat surface, let your mind and your ideas take over.  Cut shapes, color block, or draw freehand and cut out designs from the fabrics that you love. Use double sided tape or small amounts of glue to adhere your designs.  Let your creativity flow and enjoy the end result.
Angie Mozilo is a speaker and the Author of AZ Mom of Many  Hats Blog and where she shares tips, tricks, ideas and motivation to help moms and all women be the best that they can be through community, creativity, and self-stewardship. Stop by for more ideas and inspiration!

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