CALA Alliance brings festival to downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix November 1 & 2
(Between 1st & 3rd streets and Adams & Monroe)

In 2011, the CALA Alliance (Celebración Artística de las Américas) International Festival made its debut as a unique celebration of the arts and culture of Latin America. More than 30 Latino and mainstream organizations throughout metro Phoenix participated over several weeks, offering diverse arts experiences that emphasized Arizona's deep roots in Latino culture. this year, CALA Alliance has engaged in a significant partnership with Downtown Phoenix Inc., to create CALA Phx Fest!, to serve as the apex of the CALA 2013 International Festival on Friday evening and all day Saturday, November 1-2. Anchored by nearby cultural institutions and landmarks in downtown Phoenix, the two-day street festival will feature a children's plaza, an artists' mercado, an area dedicated to Latin American music, and various performances and exhibits celebrating Arizona's Latino culture.

One of the many performances that will be featured in the CALA Phx! Fest will be Mexican folklore, which has been a way to honor Mexican culture and a representation of the struggles and joys of everyday Mexican life. It is a celebration of religious and cultural rituals and festivals, celebrated by the people of Mexico. The origin of Mexican folk dances was found in Mesoamerican times when ritual dances were performed to appease the gods of the Mayas and Aztecs.

Each region and state of Mexico represents the dance form in a style that reflects their own customs and traditions. The characteristics are easily distinguishable in music, dance and costumes of the dancers. While some have a native expression in folk dance, others rely heavily on European dance forms like flamenco.

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