'Sam' rescued after getting stuck in Scottsdale tortoise den

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - It took a team of firefighters and animal rescue technicians to free a 14-year-old black lab from a tortoise den in Scottsdale last week.

No one knows why ‘Sam' went into the hole but she became stuck and went missing for hours before her family found her in the den the morning of January 21.

They weren't able to coax her out of the hole so the family called for help.

Arizona Humane Society Emergency Medical Technicians were joined by firefighters from Scottsdale and Phoenix to make a plan to rescue the dog.

They spent nearly an hour and a half digging to open up the hole before an animal rescuer was able to reach Sam and pull her out.

Officials with the Arizona Humane Society say Sam was a little shaken up, tired and given oxygen after her ordeal, but otherwise had no major injuries.

Now, if only she could speak and explain why she went into the hole in the first place.

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