Mixing in color with the white and brown of your backyard

With winter here and spring still a few months away, there are some ways you can add color to your brown grass or to the snow covered ground in the backyard.

All you need to add some bird seed, a feeder and of course, the birds.

Because there are so many birds out there or even other wild creatures, just the smell of food will help lure them to your backyard.

While fall is the ideal time to hang your bird feeders, you can still do it all winter long.

Before you get started, pick the ideal bird feeder for the size and location of where you are going to put it. One deciding factor should be the birds you want to attract and how many you want flocking to your feeder.

Some feeder types include a tube feeder, hopper feeder and suet holder which attracts woodpeckers and other tree clinger birds.

When you finally pick your location, be sure to secure the feeders using brackets, poles or hangers and place them in an area where the birds or other animals can easily access it.

As for the food selection, you will want to place sunflower or nut meats or mixed seeds.

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