Easter 2013: A Do-It-Yourself guide on how to decorate eggs

Sarah Hubbell , the Editorial Director for EMMA Magazine appeared on ABC15 Mornings on Saturday.  She had some great ideas on how to decorate eggs for Easter.

Do it Yourself instructions:

Monogrammed Watercolor Eggs



Watercolor paints

Sticker Letters

1.   Place letter in center of the egg

2.   Watercolor paint around it.

3.   Allow adequate time to dry before removing the letter.

Self-portrait eggs



Mod Podge

Sponge brush


Copy paper


Painter's Tape

1.   Tape tissue flat to copy paper so it can feed through your printer.

2.   Print your faces on tissue.

3.   Cut out your faces.

4.   Use a sponge brush with mod podge on it to stick the tissue to the egg.

5.   Smooth a coat of Mod Podge over the top of the picture and allow time to dry.

Polka dot Eggs


Gold sharpie


1.   So simple! Just choose a pattern (polka dots or stripes are great) and draw directly on the egg.

Botanical Eggs


Leaves and/or flowers

Old panty hose

Outer onion skin

Twist ties




1.   Place botanical on egg and wrap panty hose around it.

2.   Secure panty hose tightly in place with a twist tie or pipe cleaner.

3.   Place eggs in pot with water and onion skins and turn stove on.

4.   Just before the pot comes to a boil, turn fire down to low and let sit for 30 minutes.

5.   Turn off stove and remove nylon covered eggs.

6.   Allow time to cool before untying panty hose and sliding egg out.

7.   Slowly peel away leaves or flowers.

Baker's Twine Wrapped Eggs


Baker's twine

Tacky glue


1.   Start at the base of the egg and adhere the end of your string with glue.

2.   Coil it around the base and continue up the egg gluing as you go. Snip off at the tip.

Chalk Eggs


Chalkboard Paint


Chalk Pens

1.   Spray paint eggs with chalkboard paint and allow time to dry.

2.   Using chalk pens write messages or names onto your egg.


For more spring DIYs, visit www.EmmaMag.com

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