VIDEO: Scandal cast dishes with ABC15

I can't even try to begin this recap without sharing perhaps the most exciting ( Scandal) news ever!

ABC15 recently sat down with the ENTIRE cast of Scandal--and let me tell you…it's GOOD! We hear a portion of the interview with Fitz and Olivia in this blog post, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. They had A LOT to say and for the next several Thursday's we will post clips on the blog!

No actual explosions (thank goodness) in last week's episode of Scandal entitled "Boom Goes the Dynamite," but you better believe some stuff is about to blow up.

As is the case with so many of Olivia's clients, her observation of their crisis mirrors the reality of her life. This episode we are introduced to powerful political family, the Caldwell's. Brother Will has the chops to make it to the North Carolina Governor's mansion and maybe even the White House one day. Problem is, he's gay—at least that's what all of his potential campaign donors seem to think since he has not been so much as seen with a woman in ten years.

Olivia and the gang recruit and audition fake fiancées for Will and find one that will make an ideal political wife. Thing is, he really is straight…so straight he has been sleeping with his brother's wife for the past ten years. Once Olivia gets hip to the game, she encourages Will to shut it down.  In a heart wrenching plea-that I will do no justice here-she tells Will (and herself) that stolen moments and rendezvous in closets are not a life together, no matter how much they love each other. Powerful stuff-and just the reality check Olivia needed to push her into stalker Jake's clutches.

Hear what Olivia has to say about her current situation here:

Okay, okay. So Navy Captain Jake isn't exactly the creeper that we assumed he would be.  To be clear—he is a creeper—but only at the behest of President Fitzgerald Grant. Can't say I'm surprised since this is not the first time Fitz has had Olivia Pope under surveillance. However it is a little unsettling that he's decided farm the job out to a high ranking Navy buddy (was Secret Service Agent Tom not available?). This, of course, is probably the least of the bad decisions our dear President Grant has made of late.

Listen to Fitz explain his actions in his own words below:

Am I the only one concerned that Fitz is ruining his presidency? And this CIA hostage situation just might be his undoing. In the episode prior, a Navy Seal team failed to rescue the hostages after a mole leaked information of the mission to the terrorists. This week, things get exponentially worse after one of the captives is beheaded on live television.

The country is up in arms. And since Fitz has effectively dismissed most everyone from his life that might offer wise counsel in situations like these; which means he is left to discuss important things like national security with his wife, Mellie. That is never a good idea.

First Lady Mellie has her own problems—the most pressing being that she just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Fitz gave her an inch, but she wanted a foot, then Chief of Staff Cyrus measured, cut and handed her just enough rope to hang herself.  The look on Mellie's face after she realized she'd been lured right into Cyrus's trap of holding an unauthorized phone conference with the families of the hostages was priceless.

And poor, poor Huck. How sad was it to see Olivia's most fearless (and ruthless) gladiator suffer in silence as a rainy day triggered a post traumatic stress disorder episode resulting from waterboarding suffered while he was the prime suspect in Fitz' assassination attempt. Worse still, the breakdown was happening as Huck was supposed to be watching David because he is being followed. After speed walking around the high school where he now teaches, David corners the person that has been following him. It ends up being a relatively harmless looking woman that has some big news. She says she knows who really killed the woman that David was framed for stabbing to death last week. It just so happens to be the Director of the CIA. Boom.

Tonight we have the opportunity to bring friends and family into the Scandal fold thanks to an encore episode called Truth and Consequences. And truthfully (pun intended) this is just the episode to get the Scandal novice up to speed in a hurry.



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