Scandal recap: 'Vermont is for lovers, too' (season 3, episode 8)

Wow. What didn't happen in this episode? It had liars, cheaters, quitters, even a self mutilator. But most importantly, it had a healthy dose of Olitz--because apparently as the title suggests, Vermont is for lovers, too. 

We learned last week that Olivia's deceased mother was, in fact, alive, but had been rotting in a prison cell. And that's where we find her this week. Only now her captor/husband/Olivia's dad/command is preparing to ship her out of the country because Olivia is asking too many questions and getting too close to the truth about her fake death.  

Mama Pope decides she doesn't want to leave and proceeds to chew the flesh from her wrists, presumably to kill herself. That image of blood dripping from her mouth after gnawing at herself like a hyena is making me queasy at this very moment. And we thought Papa Pope was a nut job.

In any case, the injury delayed her transport and softened Papa's heart. As was evident when he let her look through a hodge podge of press clippings about Olivia and her work. But that's about as close to a happy family reunion as these three are going to get because for some bizarre reason, she is left unguarded as the doctor tasked with sedating her for the long journey is attacked and likely killed by Mama Pope. The next time we see her, she is hiding in some shadows, calling out Olivia as she passes by. 

Cyrus Beene has officially squashed any debate or discussion about who the most despicable character on this show is. Brother Beene wins, by a landslide. With a straight face and no shame, the lengths he has gone to derail Vice-President Sally Langston's presidential bid have been downright disgusting.

Of course this is the same man who put a hit out his husband James to prevent him from testifying about an election he rigged so, yeah. Once he found out Sally's husband was attracted to his, Cyrus (and Mellie) hatched a plan to have James interview him for a magazine.

The original scheme assumed that Sally's husband would make a pass at James, he would be appalled, report about it and effectively destroy her White House hopes. Of course nothing ever goes according to plan.

The VP's hubs didn't take the bait... the first time. However, after Cyrus suggested some helpful hints, the poor guy just couldn't resist. But joke's on Cyrus--because this time James finally put two and two together--and instead of outing Sally's husband, he slept with him.

Remember when Olivia went to all that trouble saving Quinn from Hollis? And those bombing charges? And... well, you get the picture. Looks like there's one thing Liv can't rescue her from--her own stupidity. After falling straight into super spy Charlie's trap and accidentally killing the last person to witness anything significant about the flight Fitz shot down--Quinn finds herself in an impossible situation. Do what Charlie says by betraying OPA and reporting everything they are working on or don't do what Charlie says, and die. It's a bad situation that's only going to get worse since Huck has figured out it was her that killed the witness. 

Fitz bought a house in Vermont. Correction, Fitz bought himself, Olivia and their unborn children a house in Vermont. This was explained to her after she was picked up by Marine One and flown to said house. There's orchards, and a green house, and a kitchen with amazing marble countertops. Fitz tells Olivia that he had it built for them back when there was a chance they would make it and he just wanted her to see it at least once, before he sold it. Did the woman really have any other option than to fall into his arms? 

Notes and Observations:

-Cyrus is the devil. Who does that??? To their spouse???

-Here lies Josie: the last character in the Scandal universe with any integrity. Sacrificing your campaign to save your sister/daughter...

-Why would Mellie force the President's secretary to facilitate her humiliation? Glutton for punish you are.

-If this series ended tomorrow with Fitz and Liv making babies and jam in their Vermont house, I wouldn't be upset one bit.

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