Scandal recap: So many questions, so few answers

Felt like an eternity didn't it? After toughing it out for three weeks, Thursday night we get an brand new Scandal!

Not that vintage episodes of Scandal aren't amazing, but we were left hanging at a critical juncture in the lives of Olivia & the gang--and Gladiators let me tell you, I have been holding on by a thread!

Seriously, everything is in disarray. Olivia is in the hospital because Creepy Jake split her head open when he threw her to the ground after she found out that he had a live feed of her apartment piped into his house by order of her married ex-boyfriend, the President. 

Ultimate Gladiator, Huck, was abducted, locked in a storage unit and presumably tortured (again). So much so, the last time we saw him he was crouched into a corner speechless and scared.

And what about this mole that is selling CIA secrets to terrorists? We can safely assume the recently deceased CIA Director isn't the traitor, so who is it? Jake? Strange man in the park?? Cyrus???

So many questions. So few answers. With any luck, this situation with be rectified tonight.

Until then, take comfort with the bonus video in the player above with some personal tidbits about the cast that we thought would be cool to share.

Enjoy, and see you an ALL NEW Scandal THURSDAY at 9 p.m. on ABC15!

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