Scandal recap: 'Say Hello to My Little Friend' (season 3, episode 4)

PHOENIX - Olivia is way off her game.

Fitz is a mess.

Jake and Huck are a thing.

And Mellie's mouth has finally gotten her in trouble. 

Everyone's trying to keep it together in this week's episode of Scandal -- "Say Hello to my Little Friend."

Jake has recovered nicely following his stint in the Huck hole. We get there just in time to see Olivia pack him up and kick him out of her house--and as she hopes, her life. But not before he explains to her that he is the only one that can protect her from her father, Command. Jake is convinced Papa Pope will not hesitate to kill Olivia if necessary. And he says not even Fitz can save her since he doesn't know who Command really is.  Olivia does not care. She just wants Jake gone and her life back to normal.

As was explosively obvious last week, business is not good for Pope and Associates these days. They simply can not be as choosy as they once were about who they represent. Enter Senator Sexting from the great state of Washington. The Anthony Wiener-esque congressman  just can't stop texting pics of his privates to random women. Now one of the recipients has met an untimely demise. Naturally, Senator Sexts-alot is the prime suspect. He is also Pope & Associates newest client. 

Mellie falls victim to a circumstance that has taken down lesser people--the hot microphone. After a feel-good press conference, the first lady is asked about the debate performance of the opposing party's female presidential candidate played by Phoebe (I mean Lisa Kudrow), but molded in Sarah Palin's likeness.  Anyway, the first lady gives a perfectly gracious answer, takes off her mic and walks off with the friendly congresswoman. She proceeds to make derogatory comments about the candidate right into the friendly congresswoman's mic that was never removed or turned off. Insert foot into mouth. 

Fitz spends much of the episode tending to his old navy buddy, who also happens to be the guy that was tackled outside of the Oval Office, was given a wad of cash by Command, and later killed by Huck. His funeral was going to be a basic one, until Fitz quietly stepped in and arranged that he be buried with full military honors. Navy buddy's sister was stunned when the President appeared at the gravesite and Fitz was visibly shaken throughout the service. I don't know what bad stuff Fitz was into with Operation Remmington, but surely it couldn't top him murdering a sitting Supreme Court Justice. Could it?

Meanwhile back at the Senator's murder trial, things could not be going worse. US Attorney David has a merry-go-round of his dirty "sexting" partners testifying about every creepy sneaky detail of their correspondence. When  news breaks that Sexts-alot has still been sending out pics during the trial, his once steadfast wife calls it a day and takes off. The associates track her down so Olivia can talk some sense into her and get her to testify in her pervy, cheating husband's defense. She agrees. The Senator is acquitted and in a twist that shocked no one, its revealed that the wife killed her husband's... special friend.

I have mixed feelings about Huck being back in AA for his addiction. Hopefully he is more careful than Quinn, considering she can't even remember to turn her phone off while spying on him in a meeting. And we all know how well his last stint in AA went; see Becky's fallout from last year. This season we may have a new assassin duo on our hands: Jake is determined to take down Command/Papa Pope and Huck is the only one other person he knows that wants him gone just as badly as he does.

Until next time, I will be having appropriate emotional responses and taking social cues for behavior. Oh Huck. 

Notes and Observations:

- David and Abby... wait, they still haven't made up over the cytron card?

- I demand Harrison get one monologue and at least one dance scene every other episode.

- Darn those kids and their field trips to the capitol inhibiting our (and Jake's) ability to eavesdrop!

- Quinn spent the entire show chasing Huck and getting on my nerves.

- Looking ahead to next week: Why do all of Olivia's clients have to be Fitz's direct adversary?

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