Scandal recap: Lots of good stuff in 'More Cattle, Less Bull'

Fitz is a loser... and a killer. Again.

Olivia's crew is in Montana Popin' people.

And Mellie is taking one for the team. 

Lots of good stuff in this episode of "Scandal" entitled, More Cattle, Less Bull. Yee-haw!

No one will touch Fitz's re-election campaign with a ten-foot pole. Not Olivia, and especially not sloppy seconds Leo. Apparently he is the best available since Olivia won't work with them. 

Cyrus and Mellie call Leo to the Oval Office to discuss his running the Grant campaign in its second go round. In his decline, he gave them the hard cold truth: Fitz has serious problems. He can't keep it in his pants, his wife is a shrew and he just looks plain miserable. In short, Fitz is a loser. And this guy doesn't work for losers. Cyrus gets it. Mellie is beside herself. And so begins her quest to get the campaign bus back in gear.

Huck and Jake are sinking deeper into the B613/OperationRemington quicksand. They are breaking into command's house, hacking into to secret databases, and making themselves targets for some very dangerous people. I just knew Jake had earned a trip back to the Huck hole when those black Surburbans pulled up on curb, and guys in dark suits escorted him inside. Luckily for him, Fitz just wanted to play a little one on one at the White House. They shot hoops, shoved each other and trash talked like boys do. It was actually kind of adorable. But the cuteness quickly faded when Jake knocked Fitz on his butt and tipped him off that he's been sniffing around the Operation Remington files.

This week's case had the Associates take trip to a one horse town in Montana.

Josie, the democratic presidential candidate has a pretty juicy secret: her sister is actually her daughter! Knocked up at 15, Josie had the baby.  And her mom raised her as her sister.  There are only a few people in the town that know, and Harrison and Abby are leading the search  party to keep it that way. Cyrus has a rookie in town trying to do the exact opposite. He gets outsmarted.  Green as he is, even the rookie recognized when he had been Poped. 

I'm not sure why, but somehow, Fitz does not grasp the super secrecy with which B613 needs to be handled. Busting into Command's office, speaking freely about it in a surveillance-covered Oval office, looking for ways to dismantle the program? Its almost enough to give Cyrus another heart attack. Instead he calmly talks Fitz off the ledge and explains that the last guy that even questioned the program wound up dead---just ask JFK he says. Let this one go Fitz.

We got some pretty solid Olitz time, albeit over the phone. A phone Olivia dug out of the trash to answer after throwing it away while Jake was being all judgy.  Anyway, it's the call she's been waiting for the entire episode.

The White House correspondent's dinner is coming up and she always helps Fitz write his jokes. This year would be no different. Fitz tells her that he really does feel like a laughing stock because of his never ending drama. She tells him to own it and make fun of himself so they can't do it for him. They go over some jokes, and its all very sweet. 

Even Mellie couldn't help but be affected as she was eavesdropping outside of the bathroom door. Her face said it all--she was heartbroken.  But not even that could keep her from the matter at hand. Getting Fitz re-elected is priority number one.

To that end, during the correspondent's dinner, Olivia is summoned to a private room. Mellie greeted her, though she (and I) clearly expected Fitz to come around that corner. And in the shocker of the season... Mellie begs Olivia to come back and run Fitz's campaign and... well, Fitz -- just like the old days. But not before hurling out the dig of the season, "I like your new boyfriend. Is he married?" I am still crying-laughing about that one at this very moment. 

We end with Huck uncovering some potentially catastrophic truth.  If Huck is right, then Fitz killed Olivia's mama--all a part of Operation Remington.  He was in right place at the right time, and all the evidence points to that conclusion. Though for Olivia's sake I hope that is not true.

Notes and Observations

-Is there ever a situation in which a relationship can survive you killing my mama?  

- Hey Quinn: You're grounded. But not before you Baby Huck it.

-Newsflash Jake: You've been second fiddle since day one.

-Fitz is never more proud than when Olivia beats him.

-Quinn just might end up being the poster child for tougher gun control.

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