Scandal recap: 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' (season 3, episode 2)

Well guys, we've finally found a family that is more dysfunctional than the Grants. Meet the Popes.

Olivia and her dad played a near catastrophic game of cat and mouse in this Scandal episode entitled "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" And while Liv may have lost the battle, she got a tortured Navy captain for her trouble. Let's get to it, shall we?

When the show opens Olivia's bangs are back and that can only mean one thing: flashback. Sure enough we see she is walking through a familiar train station where a homeless Huck is posted up, on her way to Sunday dinner with her dad. So sweet huh? Not really. Olivia agrees to sit through fancy dinners with Papa Pope and he agrees to pay off her law school debt. Sounds fair. Through their conversation we learn that she was still dating the Senator at the time. And Olivia at one point truly believed her father was a curator at the Smithsonian.

After dinner, Liv's back at the train station and a couple of  thugs try to mug her. Huck rescues her and gives them the beat down of their lives. His intervention--and crazy story about being a discarded government assassin--sparks Liv's interest and she starts digging. She asks her dad to have some of his FBI friends check out Huck's story. Dad agrees-- and says he finds nothing.

So she does digging of her own. And the pieces all fall into place. Olivia confronts her dad about his real profession. He responds by saying some really scary stuff, in a really creepy voice and Olivia gets up and walks out.

Back in the the present day, communication-staffer-turned-make-believe-mistress Jeanne is being represented by Pope & Associates--and Fitz is thrilled. He is still dying to spill the beans about his and Olivia's relationship. Of course no one--not Olivia, not Cyrus, and certainly not Mellie--is planning on letting that happen.

Cyrus and Mellie leak pretty solid information making it look like Fitz and the fake mistress had time and opportunity to see one another privately.

Olivia's got her own problems. Papa showed up at her office uninvited. He is willing to trade Jake's life in exchange for Jeanne copping to the presidential affair. 

After she hears from Huck what might be happening to Jake, Olivia's next call might be one of her most awkward yet. She asks her married on/off boyfriend Fitz, to rescue her former boyfriend Jake who she cheated with, from certain death at the hands of her father. And you thought your life was complicated. 

Despite being visibly troubled by the request, Fitz looks into it and finds out that information is above even his pay grade.

Eventually Olivia does end up making a deal with the devil--I mean her dad-- to release Jake from the Huck Hole. And all it took was for to agree to revive Sunday dinners.

After none of Mellie's indirect plays gained traction, she decided to take matters into her own hands by offering make believe mistress Jeanne tax-free millions to admit to the affair and skip town. She decides that's a fair price for her self respect and is ready to say her piece and ride off into the sunset.

Fitz beats her to the punch. In what he thinks is a clever play, Fitz calls a press conference and tells Cyrus it can go one of two ways: he can tell everyone Cyrus framed Jeanne to cover up the real affair with Olivia or he can apologize for his fake affair provided Cyrus have his B613 contact release Jake. Cyrus must have chosen the latter because that is exactly what happened.


-Olivia's daddy is deciding people's fate based on his daughter's dinner plans? Talk about a complete waste of government dollars.

-Huck attacking Olivia!!!! Was not expecting that at all.

-Dear Quinn: Mind your business.

-Sad to see how long Edison has been Olivia's punching bag. Even Dad got in on the action.

-Did I miss the scene where Harrison had lines?

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