Scandal recap: Guess who's back??

As promised, the mole(s) was finally revealed. So how did this traitorous threesome somehow find a way to come together and wreak havoc all over D.C? Let's talk it out and see what we can come up with!

We begin right where we left off last week; ok not exactly where we left off but close enough—with Fitz and Olivia… in the bed….enjoying the afterglow. As we have come to expect, the blissful Olitz moment did not last for very long. Cyrus made sure of that after he barged into the Olivia's bedroom demanding that they both ‘get up!'

I would argue that no one has taken the mental beating that Cyrus has taken this season. I have feared for much of the season that he would simply collapse from the weight of it all. Last night was no different. Cyrus spends a lot of time handling the media frenzy that Mellie created after she told the world of Fitz's infidelity.

In briefing after briefing, Cyrus is trying to keep the press at bay all while trying to talk Fitz off the ledge that is his decision to forego running for a second term as President. To top it all off, his husband James (who honestly should have removed himself from the White House beat altogether due to the very type of conflict of interest situation he finds himself in right now) is the main one questioning Fitz's lack of response.

Still, you couldn't help but feel awful as Cyrus burst his husband's bubble and broke his heart in his assessment that Mellie got him the TV reporter gig as a chess move; and that he was too stupid to see it; and that he is not good enough to report with the big boys. That was harsh, even for Cyrus.

As fixers go, Fitz has Olivia and Mellie has…what's his name again? Oh, yes Fake Fixer. Mellie has decided she needs the services of a crisis manager since she blew the top of off her marriage and the guy she settles on was no Olivia Pope. While he was immediately able to see what makes her tick he had no idea how to get her to act right.  Mellie summed it up like this "I can be honest, I can also lie. It all depends on what's in my best interest." Yep. That's about right. Turns out she didn't need him anyway since Fitz did exactly what she predicted he would—he will indeed run for a second term.

Once Olivia manages to make it back to OPA offices she is greeted with the good news that Cyrus is not the mole. Bad news is, the mole presumably now knows about election rigging. That prompts Olivia to haul butt to the safe and make sure the memory card, that has the proof of fraud on it, is still there. She carelessly opens it in front of everyone, including David. The card was still intact. Now with confirmation that Abby did steal the card from him as he always suspected, David appeared to accept it and was ready to move on. It is then determined that the only person left with the access to sensitive info and lack of knowledge about election rigging is the Vice-President Sally.

After a quick hacking of the VP's login and passwords Huckleberry Quinn find a pattern of usage for sensitive info that matches the activity of the mole. They are hopeful to have finally caught a break when the pattern suddenly stops. Sally is not the mole. Feeling defeated, they all take a breather to recharge and start again but curiously, David stays behind. When everyone gets back in the office hit man Charlie is standing over David with a gun to his head demanding that Olivia get him whatever deal she got for Huck that allows him to have a normal life.

Needless to say, that does not happen. However Huck does get him a doughnut then gets him to spill the name of the mole then…releases him?

The man in the park is making life difficult for everyone. And when he revealed that Jake's entire mission was to get between Fitz and Olivia, it just felt dirty. Perhaps it wouldn't have felt as gross if they hadn't slept together but still--yuck. And what about park guy handling Cyrus like his name is Bob? This is Cyrus freaking Beene. It's not often we see him defer to anyone other than Fitz from time to time, so this dude must be formidable. Apparently Cyrus was supposed to have shutdown Olitz long ago and Park Guy says he better do it now or pay the price.

While Fitz is announcing his intent to win an election on his own merit, Olivia gets a disturbing phone call from Harrison. He says the Cytron card is gone and Billy Chambers, yes dead Billy Chambers is the mole. Simultaneously we watch as psycho Billy is handed what appears to be the Cytron card by…David!

For the first time this season I actually want the days to go by slowly, which of course means they will fly by. At least as the season finale approaches we can take comfort in the great news that Scandal has been renewed for a third season!  Gladiators make it happen! See you next week!

Notes and Observations

-David, you stinker! I guess it makes sense but, does this mean he really did murder that girl in his bed?

-If Quinn is baby Huck then Harrison is baby Olivia. That speech telling her to snap out of it is EXACTLY what Olivia Pope would have said to any normal client. He's Wright (pun intended), it's only a matter of time before she ends up a casualty of Hurricane Mellie.

-Cyrus better hope Jesus saves…his behind from Park Guy. Not sure who he is or what purpose he serves but he clearly out ranks Mr. Beene.

-Dear Fitz: This is America. We have a short memory and love a good come back story. If Mark Sanford can overcome, so can you.

Scandal airs Thursday's at 9 p.m. on ABC 15.


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