Scandal recap: Happily ever after?

In what could have easily been the season finale, Scandal has rocked my world once again. This episode entitled, "A Woman Scorned" is one of those you have to watch a second time just to make sure you caught everything.

Olivia spends a good portion of her time trying to shake Creepy Jake. Fitz has officially ordered him to not only stalk her, but post up outside of her home and office. Liv is beyond annoyed but Fitz believes that she is still in danger and will not back down.

Associates Abby, Harrison and Quinn are back at the office trying figure out who the guy in the baseball cap is. They are pouring over surveillance footage when Huck reemerges from the mental episode that incapacitated him last week and immediately identifies the mystery man. It's Charlie the hitman. The same Charlie that Cyrus paid to kill the president's former fling, Amanda Tanner last season and broke into Olivia's apartment last week …and has access to high level intelligence. The realization of Charlie's involvement with Cyrus has just about everyone convinced that he is the mole that has been selling top secret government info to the highest bidder. Everyone except Olivia that is.

All signs point to Mellie making good on her threat of exposing the President's ongoing affair with Olivia in thirty-six hours if he does not renew his commitment to their marriage. Unfortunately for her, Fitz couldn't care less. He says as much, first to Cyrus- who I feared would have a heart attack by the end of the night; then to Liv, when he punks her into meeting him at the White House. But it is Olivia who has the last word in this first of several game changing conversations in this episode. After storming into the Oval Office she rips Fitz a new one. Basically telling him if he wants to be with her, this time he's going to have to work for it.

Cyrus is appointed lead negotiator in the effort to coax Mellie from the brink of political nuclear war. And if Mellie were a lesser woman, she would have succumbed. Cyrus tried everything from insults to offering governorships, to offering to getting rid of Olivia-but Mellie couldn't be bought. At least not yet. What's interesting is not that Mellie went on national television to out Fitz for being unfaithful; it's that she didn't name Olivia as his mistress.

While Mellie is whining to America about her marital woes, Fitz is busy creating even more. With twenty minutes left until Mellie's big reveal, Fitz invites himself to have a viewing party at Olivia's place. In another pivotal conversation, the President says he wants to be with Liv as the clock runs out on his miserable marriage. He proceeds to pop a squat on her couch and lets the countdown begin. By the time Mellie hits the airwaves, Olitz has reignited—first on the couch, then up against a wall and again in the shower.

So there you have it. We are to believe Fitz has given up everything for Olivia and they'll live happily ever after. Ha. Even if there weren't two more episodes this season I wouldn't buy into that. Mellie's got one more trick up her sleeve; and my guess is that it has to do with threatening to ruin Olivia. This will be the longest six days ever. See you next week!

Notes and Observations:

-Come on. Cyrus was never going to be the mole. I'm pretty sure I know who Albatross is…but am curious to know what everyone else thinks. Let me know!

-A couple season one throwbacks in this episode with the dearly departed Amanda Tanner shout out and that scene in the Oval with Liv and Fitz going to the window to avoid the surveillance cameras.

-Jake might be creepy but he's not dumb.

-The president's secretary has a hard way to go. If she's not being manipulated by Mellie she's being coerced by Cyrus.

-Look at Quinn schooling David on how Gladiators roll!

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