Scandal preview: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn talk 'Scandal' secrets, success

Have you been following one of TV's hottest, most addictive shows?

"Scandal" centers around two main characters, the U.S. president, Fitzgerald Grant, and his mistress, Olivia Pope, an uber-powerful crisis management wizard.  

Olivia has made a career of cleaning up other people's messes, but when it comes to her own life, the character struggles with right and wrong and which move to make next. 

Actress Kerry Washington credits the shows creator, Shonda Rhimes, with making Olivia loved, hated and feared.
"She understands that real people are not all good and all bad. Real people fall somewhere in the gray," Washington explained.

We've watched as Olivia helped rig the presidential election. She and her team of  so-called "gladiators" have also cleaned up murder scenes, tampered with evidence, and ruined political careers. 

Joshua Malina plays David Rosen -- some of Olivia's political road kill.

"Shonda just has a way of creating an ambivalent moral universe where no matter what happens, you still have a stake and you are rooting for the characters even when they're wildly ethically-challenged," Malina said.

Wildly ethically-challenged could also describe the president, known as Fitz to faithful "Scandal" followers. He  murdered a supreme court justice on her death bed, blatantly carried on with Olivia in front of his wife, and has been known to drink a little too much (even early in the morning while showering).

Sitting down with the show's main players -- Washington and Tony Goldwyn -- I asked the question fans of the show have been left wondering: have you lost your mind?

The two actors laughed loudly, and Goldwyn said, "The answer is yes."

"When he [Fitz] discovered that the woman he revered had helped rig the vote and make his election fraudulent, it shattered Fitz. So in the moment, I don't know where it's going to go, but he's still consumed with Olivia and obsessed with her."

Every character on the show is complex yet likeable.

We met Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, a former black ops assassin, and Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn. The pair are two of Olivia's gladiators who will move mountains and bodies to protect a client. 

Diaz and Lowes filled me in on playing "broken" characters.

"At the beginning of the show, Olivia Pope says she likes to take in stray dogs and fix people just like she likes to fix crises. So everybody in the office is messed up, Including ourselves."

So will Fitz and Olivia re-kindle their affair? Goldwyn isn't sure, but he does know one thing.

"People are very upset at the moment with what's happening with us. People are so emotionally involved in this show, our fans are the reason this show is successful. They are so emotionally invested and that's such fun for us," Goldwyn said.

The cast live tweets during every new episode of the show. They attribute much of their success to connecting with fans through social media.

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