Scandal Blog: Catch up on ABC's hottest show with revealing flashbacks

The campaign is tanking. Olivia gets a proposal. And somebody wants a divorce.

Just because our D.C. powerbrokers are taking the week off doesn't mean we have to!

This week we get an encore show, but that just gives us more time to relish in the juicy reveals, bombshells, and best of all…flashbacks on ABC's Scandal.

President Fitz is wounded in more ways than one.

There's the obvious wound to his head that he is still recovering from. But this week we learn about his wounded self-esteem, courtesy of his seemingly all-knowing, ever-campaigning, former-politician father.

In one of the flashbacks, dad is brought in to save the campaign.  

Fitz scoffs at, and later caves in to the idea. But in the end he shows his dad that he is the better man. 

It's all very touching…then we get to the good stuff.

Perhaps the juiciest stuff happens in the present.

After faking his way through his post-assassination attempt duties with flying colors, Fitz has apparently decided he can no longer fake his way through his marriage.

In what may be the beginning of the end of the most dysfunctional union ever, Fitz asks Mellie for a divorce.

We do not get an immediate response from our First Lady, but you can bet it won't be pretty.

We do get an answer from Olivia, sort of.

In an important flashback, we find out that Olivia struggled with the decision but eventually agreed to rig the election.

We also learn that her current on-again off-again boyfriend might be a genius, when he starts to question Olivia about exactly how close her relationship is to the president.

Then he quickly reverts back to being clueless by apologizing with a marriage proposal. A marriage proposal?!

My proposal to you is to tune in for the hottest show on TV every Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC15 and catch up with what you've missed on

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