Scandal Blog: Who is the mole?

With the final Scandal episodes for this season upon us there are still plenty of loose ends we have yet to tie up.

This mole situation has been a twisty-turny journey and looks to be heading straight for a cliff. Let's take a look back at the events that got us into these dire straits.

After the whole presidential election fraud debacle, our favorite former U.S. Attorney, David continued to spiral downward. He hit rock bottom when after a night of drinking he woke up with a woman in his bed that had been stabbed to death. Eventually we found out the dead woman drugged David because she was looking to steal his old files from the election rigging case. After some digging, Olivia and the crew figure out that the lady stole and sold information about a lot of powerful people and any number of them would probably want her taken out.

Remember when we first met creepy Jake? He was in that coffee shop being all flirty with Olivia and we thought he might be a nice distraction from Fitz. So much for that. Creepy's number ended up being the last one in dead girl's phone and Olivia ends up having to pay him a visit at the Pentagon to investigate—exactly how I suspect Creepy designed it. After a few conversations, Jake tells Olivia about a government mole named Albatross. He tells her that dead girl was trying to gauge his interest in some information she had on the mole. 

We are lead to believe that the CIA hostage situation that plagued Fitz over several episodes, is the work of Albatross as well. After receiving credible intelligence on where the hostages were being held, Fitz made an ill-fated decision to send a special ops team to rescue them. It is believed that Albatross tipped off the terrorists and had them change locations before that could happen. And since dead girl had the names of the hostages on her computer, she was likely killed before she could sell that information. 

David was a target once again after dead girl's friend, Molly started following him. Eventually David confronts Molly and she spills that she knows that he did not kill her friend and she can point out exactly who did—the CIA Director. That info travels back to the White House. The CIA Director is publicly labeled a traitor and winds up dead soon after; though it is staged as a suicide with the assistance of creepy Jake. And despite the best efforts of the Gladiators, Molly ends up a casualty as well.

With folks dropping like flies, evidence comes to light that the CIA Director was not the mole after all and he probably didn't kill himself either. That means the team is now in danger and no closer to revealing who Albatross really is.

Huck and Quinn get a break and trace a possible lead on Albatross back to a storage unit facility. After staking it out for a while Huck goes in to check the place out, leaving Quinn in the car as a look out. While inside Huck is attacked. That very same night, Olivia's apartment is broken into while she is trying to escape Creepy Jake's clutches at his apartment. 

With the help of surveillance video and Huck's history, the team believes that it was Cyrus' hit man Charlie that not only attacked Huck, but broke into Olivia's apartment as well. Charlie's direct connection to Cyrus made the trusted White House Chief of Staff the number one suspect in the search for the mole.

A bit more sleuthing revealed that Charlie befriended a court reporter from the election fraud case; probably to get at her files from the case since her computer went missing just days after they met. That little nugget of info convinced Olivia and her investigators that Cyrus is probably not the mole since he already knows every sneaky detail about the election fraud case.

Whew! Did you keep up with all of that??? I sure hope so because it took long time to figure it all out. Ha!

Seriously though, between Mellie's meltdown, the revealing of the mole and Olitz back on track—I don't think I can hold it together for much longer.


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