Scandal Blog: Where do we go from here?

The wait is over!!! Well, almost.

But really, after three weeks, what's a few more hours? Scandal is BACK tonight with a brand new episode! I. Can. Not. Wait.

To fill the void of the our past few Scandal-less weeks, I've been doing my part posting new clips of our interviews with the cast, and keeping spirits up with the blog.

My fellow gladiators, the work is not finished. In fact, in honor the return of new episodes, Thursday night's interviews will focus on where the characters go from here. Where exactly is here? Keep reading for a refresher.

Everyone's situation is heating to a boiling point

President Fitz basically ordered Navy Captain Jake to stalk Olivia after their nasty breakup. Jake has clearly fallen for her and it looks like Olivia is willing to give him a try. This will likely be a problem of epic proportions.

Ultimate frenemies, First Lady Mellie and Chief of Staff Cyrus, were vying for what's left of Fitz's affections after throwing one another under the campaign bus during the fallout of the whole election rigging mess.

Huck's PTSD was out of control, triggered by anything from rain drops to the mere mention of showering. And somehow, someway, the CIA Director is connected to the hostages that none of our intelligence agencies can seem to find.

Gladiators on the screen and on the couch are going to be busy tonight. See you then!

Scandal airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC15 and catch up with what you've missed on

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