Protesters appear outside ABC affiliates nationwide in response to Jimmy Kimmel skit

PHOENIX - Protesters appeared outside the studios of ABC affiliates across the country Saturday responding to a segment on the late-night show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

The protests are in reaction to a segment called "Kids Table" that aired on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Oct. 16.

During the segment, Kimmel asks a group of boys and girls how should the U.S. pay nearly $1.3 trillion in debt to China.

One of the children suggests that the US "kill everyone in China." Kimmel tried to deflect the comment, however, the comment upset several people who created a social movement to protest Kimmel's television show.

Approximately 100 people holding signs and chanting appeared outside the ABC15 studios Saturday afternoon protesting the skit.

Protesters chanted "teach kids no hatred," "No fake apology," and "shame on you ABC" for about 20 minutes before continuing to protest near 44th and Van Buren streets.

Both Kimmel and the ABC Network have since issued an apology regarding the segment.

"I do want to apologize to all of you. If I've upset you, I'm very, very sorry. We should not have put it on the air. We did not mean to upset you," Kimmel said. "We won't be showing the Kid's Table segment any more. We're not going to ever do that again. I'm very sorry."

Protesters said they want ABC to broadcast an on-air apology and cancel Kimmel's show.

A petition posted to the White House's website received over 100,000 signatures which meets the threshold needed for an official response from President Obama.

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