Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Audience member gets new car (VIDEO)

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Out of the blue during Oprah's interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," she gave an audience member a brand new car.

Oprah Winfrey was on the ABC late night show Wednesday for her new movie, "Lee Daniels' The Butler".

She was talking about her co-star when she changed the topic mid-sentence.

"But I have to say Forest Whitaker is just the most... I... I... I... I don't know. I just got that feeling again," Oprah said.

She then called over an audience member: "You lady in the blue. Come up here a minute."

To the audience member's surprise, Oprah shouts, "You get a car!"

Kimmel acts confused as Oprah tells his sidekick Guillermo to take the audience member out back to show her the new Ford Fusion Energi.

It was a moment that brought back memories of Oprah's talk show days.

Back in 2004, she gave away a car to each of her audience members.

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