DWTS recap: Ingo Rademacher voted off, final 4 couples head to finals

It's time to eliminate the last couple before the finals of season 16 of "Dancing with the Stars." It's not Time Filler Tuesday anymore; now it's Ingo's Obligatory Elimination Evening.

All I can say is, there's a reason the show stopped having fans tweet which dance they wanted for the encore after the first week, because it would have always been Disney star Zendaya, week after week. There's no way Zendaya could ever get eliminated this week. In fact, she's liable to win for this reason alone.

I bring this up because her typical high scores slipped Monday night due to a miscalculated routine. When this happens, the show typically tries to convince us that high-scoring star is in jeopardy on elimination night. If they do that with Zendaya this week, it's nothing but a transparent ploy that will fall flat.

So let's see what happens. First results of the night. Jacoby is safe. Already? At this point, I'm positive the show will pretend Zendaya is the other bottom two couple, against soap star Ingo Rademacher. Oh, predictability… sigh.

Time for the encore dance, and the judges pick country singer Kellie Pickler and Derek's Argentine tango. Because if fans voted on Twitter, they would have picked Zendaya's hip hop, completely eliminating any possibility that she could be eliminated.

Time for this week's AT&T Spotlight Performance with 10-year-old Sophia Lucia. She has braces and loves dancing. Aww. She's even in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most pirouettes. Wow. Her favorite dancer is Chelsie Hightower and they get to dance together live on the show. She nails an adorable performance.

Fun fact: We learn that Olympian Aly Raisman is a kleptomaniac.

Performance time with The Wanted singing "Fill a Heart." The song was written to help spread awareness about child hunger. If only more boy bands were out there fighting for our causes.

Time for… another performance. Avril Lavigne sings "Here's to Never Growing Up." Isn't that the theme of every song she's ever done?

Results. Kellie is safe. Zendaya is in jeopardy. Grrr, DWTS. Zendaya is obviously safe. If they put Ingo in the bottom against Aly or Jacoby, I might be unsure about who is going home, but this is just an obvious ploy to scare people that the favorite is in jeopardy. The crowd's not buying it either; they are booing like crazy.

Performance time yet again with Christina Grimmie singing. Sharna and Gleb do a contemporary dance while some unseen giant wind fan threatens to blow them off the stage.

More results. Ingo is in jeopardy. Obviously. Aly is safe. Even Ingo knows he is going home; in behind the scenes footage, Ingo says the other four deserve to make it to the final. What a class act.

After a commercial break, it's time for the final results. Bam – there it is: Brooke says "while not necessarily the bottom two." Yeah, that's cause Zendaya is the fan vote frontrunner. Impressionable little girl, by the look on her face, poor Zendaya actually fears she might be in jeopardy. Having millions more Twitter followers than any of the other contestants, she should realize she's in no danger of going home. In fact, she has enough fans this show could be spun off into "Dancing with Zendaya."

Final results. Ingo and Kym are eliminated. But this will only go to drive Zendaya's panicked young fans to rally around her and make sure they vote for her to win next week, virtually eliminating any chance that another star has a shot at winning the Mirrorball Trophy.

Zendaya tweeted, "don't know what else to say but THANK YOU!!"

As for Zendaya winning, I know I called it in my first recap way back in week one, but thanks for clinching it, DWTS.

Ingo tweeted, "Thnx y'all! I had an amazing ride! My scores just didn't cut it!It'll b a great final @Zendaya @Aly_Raisman @kelliepickler @TheRealJacoby12 ."

This means our first ever final four will be Zendaya, Kellie, Aly and Jacoby. We can look forward to a finals with amazing dances from four great couples, including the ever popular freestyle and the eternal curveball, the instant dance.

The competition continues Monday at 7 p.m. on ABC15.

More information can be found on abc.go.com.

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