Dancing with the Stars recap: 16th season of 'Dancing with the Stars' kicks off with a bang

The 16th season of "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off with a bang! The competition is fierce this season. Here's a look at what opening night had in store.

Kellie Pickler, you are a star! She opened the show with a dazzling Cha Cha. She's so goofy and silly, I wasn't sure if she could pull off dancing, but she was awesome! I can't wait to see what she has in store for the season. The judges ate her up, 21.

Victor Ortiz... not too shabby! The boxer danced a Fox Trot, that wasn't really polished, but he was definitely showing potential. The contender is a contender! Victor scored an 18.

Soooo Ingo, Mr. GH, did a Contemporary dance. My first thought, unfair. New dance, lots of lifts, first dance of the season... unfair. This dude rocked that dance like you wouldn't believe. So many lifts, I'm not saying they were flawless, but he pulled them off. Wowzers.  20 for Ingo.

Lisa Vanderpump danced a Fox Trot and was the first contestant to allow me to breathe a sigh of relief. She was not polished and kinda not good. I'm not sure if the potential is there. 18 for Vanderpump and partner Gleb. You heard me.

D.L. Hughley is a funny man. His personality is overflowing. His dance moves are... lacking. He will be a great personality on the show, but if he makes it past the 4th dance, I'll be surprised.  In response to the harsh comments from the judges and his low score of 12, he responded,  "usually when I get judged it's a lot harder than that". Keep that super spirit up, Boogie Fantastic.

Have you heard of Zendaya? Yeah, me neither. Let me tell you something about her. Girl can DANCE. She had a Contemporary routine and it was unbelievable. The judges agreed and gave her a 24. Highest score of the night. Simply amazing.

For some reason, the star of last season's bachelor is attempting to tear up the dance floor. I give Sean Lowe a lot of credit. This is not in his comfort zone. He's on about minute 10 of his 15. I'm hoping minute 15 arrives in the next few weeks. He lacked finesse and needs to do a heckuva lot more rehearsing. He got a 20, which included a gift of a 7 from Carrie Ann.

I had a hard time paying attention to Ali Raisman's Cha Cha, because I was pretty sure she was going to pop out of her dress at any second. I don't know how she kept herself "contained", but somehow, she did. And she scored a 21, so she probably did a pretty good job.

After Ingo performed his Contemporary, I was starting to get nervous that Team Baltimore didn't stand a chance. And then the lovely Ms. Dorothy Hamill took to the floor. The entire Contemporary routine had me smiling. Her lines were gorgeous. With her talent and fan base, she's sure to be around for a while. She's an Olympian. She's nothing to be messed with. 21 for Dorothy Hamill.

Wynonna Judd is going to be a great character for DWTS. She is not going to be a great dancer. She's lacking confidence and stamina. There's a lot of room for improvement and she's sure to have a huge fan base, but that can only take her so far. Wynonna got an 18.

Andy Dick and his Fox Trot were a pleasant surprise. He is apparently sober and trying to redeem himself and so far, so good. He was downright charming on the floor, something I didn't think he could pull off. He was not stellar, but he was also not a disappointment. Keep it up, cutie. 17

What can I say about Jacoby Jones and his Cha Cha, with a little squirrel dance in the middle?! Jacoby Jones = Mr. Personality on the dance floor. The crowd ate. Him. Up. I can not WAIT to see what he does next. He scored a 20, because grumpy Len said there was no content. Boo, Len. It's week 1 and I'm already booing you.

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