Keep track of your kids this Halloween while they Trick-or-Treat by using an app

It's almost Trick-or-Treat time for the kids!

Half the fun is finding that house with the king-sized candy bars or avoiding the one that hands out tooth brushes. Though, that trip without any supervision may be the scariest part of the night for parents.

Now with technology, the suspense has been lifted and parents have the ability to download " Track ‘N Treat" on their mobile device.

This app, among others keeps tabs on your kids during their trick or treating. "Track ‘N Treat" gives users a four hour window where kids check in by sending a text message.

The message sends you a link to their exact location on a map, and the best part? It's free for iPhone users.

Another app that is free for iPhone users is called "Family GPS Tracker." This one allows parents to follow your child in real time.

This app also allows parents to create "safe zones" and be alerted if your child steps outside the designated space. It is also free for Droid owners.

" Life 360" is very similar, keeping the parent connected by showing a mapped location of the child. This app is also free and easy to download.

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