Holly Madison welcomes a baby girl

A former "Girls Next Door" star is now mom to a baby girl.

Holly Madison, who starred in the Playboy Mansion-set reality show from 2005 to 2009, welcomed her first child with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella on Tuesday.

"We haven't yet decided on a name for her," Madison, 33, told In Touch magazine in an article she shared on her Twitter account. "But we couldn't be any more overjoyed than at this moment."

The new mom is confident she'll be "incredibly loving, supportive and involved," and hopes to help her "kids find their passions and give them --- within reason --- what they will need to follow their dreams."

One passion that Madison herself is leaving behind is modeling for Playboy. She told the magazine that she's no longer intent on being featured in her former boyfriend Hugh Hefner's publication.

"Having a child changes your perspective," she said. "You want to do things that will make them proud of you."

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