Why 'Be the Match Walk/Run' is important, how you can help

October is a month for both high-profile and lesser-known awareness campaigns, from breast cancer and domestic violence, to dental hygiene or even school bus safety. And that isn't a bad thing! 

Now that fall is upon us and the kids are back in school, families, while busy, seem to be able to focus on fantastic fundraising efforts to tackle some of society's most challenging issues. 

The mere mention of the word cancer causes strong emotions within most of us, and that could be because many of us know someone who has suffered through treatments, dealt with debilitating symptoms, or tragically has passed away because of cancer. 

My grandmother, Dorothy Spindle battled breast cancer back in 2002. It was a tough road but she survived. 

After years of additional health issues, she checked herself back into the hospital only to pass away from leukemia within the week. Neither she nor her family nor the doctors could identify the cancer fast enough to do anything to stop it. 

That experience gave me an incredible fear and understanding of the devastating effects cancer can have on the body. I witnessed firsthand the pain and suffering this disease can inflict and I know how it can be hard to have any hope after a cancer diagnosis. But there is hope!

"Be the Match" is an organization dedicated to facing blood cancers like leukemia head-on and beating them once and for all. 

By signing up to be a potential donor for bone marrow or stem cells, you could literally save someone's life. 

The "Be the Match Walk/Run" brings together cancer patients, donors, family members and volunteers of all shapes and sizes to cities around the nation for a great fundraising effort. Now Phoenix is on that list! 

Join me and the ABC15 team on Saturday, October 26 for the "Be the Match Walk/Run" in downtown Phoenix.  I'm so excited to participate in this great event and I hope to see you there!

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