St. Patrick's Day 2013: Guinness recipes for your next meal

What better way to join in on the St. Patrick's Day festivities then to incorporate the iconic beer, Guinness, into your St. Patrick's Day meal – whether you're Irish or not.

Here are some recipes that incorporate the Irish beer as a main ingredient:

Mushrooms in Guinness Start your meal off with a savory starter by serving up some mushrooms that have been simmering in Guinness. The official website of the beer features the rich recipe that also includes butter and suggests serving the mushrooms with toast.

Irish Guinness Bread Recipe So you've made the mushrooms, but now you need some bread to toast. Double up with the draught by making this Irish Guinness Bread and serve it with the mushrooms. has the simple and quick recipe – no need to wait for the bread to rise.

Guinness Corned Beef Arguably one of the most well-known Irish meals, corned beef (and often cabbage) is a meal that you can probably find in any Irish pub you may find yourself in. Food blog "Eat a Duck I Must" features a recipe for the dish, but instead of cabbage, substitutes Brussels sprouts and braises the beef in Guinness instead of boiling the meat.

Beets in Guinness with Beet Greens A nice accompanying side dish to your St. Patrick's Day meal, especially if it's a meat dish, is the often overlooked beet. This recipe highlighted on has four simple ingredients: beets, Guinness, red wine vinegar and butter.

Guinness Chocolate Cake What would be a celebratory meal without dessert? Whip up this chocolate cake with three ounces of Guinness included and end your feast on a high note. The recipe in described in detail on the Guinness website.

Black Velvet One might think there is only one way to drink Guinness, but the website also features a way to enjoy the drink even if you are not a big beer fan. The Black Velvet is a great festive drink to enjoy that simply combines equal parts champagne and, what else, Guinness.

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