Widows of fallen officers help grieving families

PHOENIX - Within hours of two public servants being killed in the line of duty, people they had never known were scrambling to help their families.

The 100 Club of Arizona, run by donations and volunteers since the 60s, was created for this very mission.

"We help in any way to can," said Sharon Knutson-Felix from her office on Sunday afternoon. She was there booking flights for families of the fallen officer and firefighter. "I hurt for them, but I also know there is hope."

Sharon knows first hand what its like to hear the news and feel the pain. Her husband Doug, a DPS Officer, was hit by a car and killed 15 years ago.

"It hits close to home," said Angela Harrolle who lost her husband more than four years ago. Bruce Harrolle was a DPS Officer, paramedic and Air Evac member, killed by a helicopter blade while helping two stranded hikers.

"The pain never goes away but evolves into something new and different," Angela says.

Both women are touched by the events this weekend and hope the families will ask for help if they need it.

"They (100 Club) are your family," Angela said. "And they will always be there."

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