Victoria's Secret uses old photo of Kate Upton after rejecting her looks

Supermodel Kate Upton is beside herself because of Victoria's Secret's unorthodox usage of a 2011 photo of her in their new catalog after the brand dismissed her looks as too "obvious" for the runway and dropped her.

The Victoria's Secret photo featuring Upton in a black bra surfaced Tuesday in a new catalog, unbeknownst to Upton who is also unhappy that she was not given a heads up, reported the New York Post.

VS and Upton's relationship ended with a blow when a model booker for the company told the New York Times last year, "We would never use Kate… She's like a footballer's wife, with too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy," the report said.

Since then, the model has been featured in Vogue, Sports Illustrated and now Victoria's Secret.


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