Linda Kozlowski: Rep for Paul Hogan says actor and wife divorcing

A divorce is reportedly in the works for Linda Hogan and her husband, Paul Hogan, known for the "Crocodile Dundee" movies.

Paul Hogan's representative confirmed on Friday that the pair are divorcing, according to ABC News.

Manager Douglas Urbanski told ABC News the couple has been separated for a long time and that the split is amicable.

Urbanski said he's sure the Hogans will remain friends and continue to co-parent their 15-year-old son.

The two met while filming the 1986 movie "Crocodile Dundee."

Along with the divorce, Linda Hogan, 55, is also looking to restore he maiden name – Kozlowski.

ABC News reports this will be the third divorce for 74-year-old Paul Hogan who married Linda in Sydney, Australia in 1990.

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