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The tough duties of our modern-day life often bring us to situations where our monetary needs leave us with a bad credit score. Are you someone in a similar situation? Whether yes or no, you might wonder, can people with credit scores get emergency loans? Do lenders trust them enough to grant a loan even with a bad credit score? Is there anything special that these people have to do to get loan approvals? Continue reading to get answers to your questions as we have discussed everything about loan approval with bad credit scores.

Generally speaking, it might be difficult for you to get an emergency loan approval while having a bad credit score. However, that does not mean you can’t get your needs fulfilled in times of need. There are multiple other options that you can take if conventional loan lending isn’t your piece of cake!

Best Online Bad Credit Loan Lender: 


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MoneyMutual is one of the best online loan lenders in America. If you often need emergency loans, MoneyMutual is your place to go! Even if you have a bad credit score, you can get loan approvals within 24 hours.

MoneyMutual understands the value of your time and has created a simple and straightforward application form that only takes 5 minutes to complete. The maximum loan amount you can get through their website is $5000. However, in a few cases, you may be able to get more than that.

MoneyMutual charges a variable interest rate depending on the amount of money you borrow, your financial status, and the repayment schedule. Therefore, always apply for an amount that you really need at that moment to avoid paying additional interest charges. MoneyMutual is a completely online platform, you do not have to go anywhere for document verification or stand in long queues to submit your application. Have an emergency? Apply for a loan on the MoneyMutual online portal from the comfort of your home!

MoneyMutual does not directly lend you any money. It simply acts as a middleman to connect borrowers with lenders. Therefore, each lender on their website has different terms and conditions that you have to follow. Before choosing a lender and finalizing a deal with them, make sure you agree to their terms and have the capacity to fulfill them.

Eligibility Requirements

Although MoneyMutual is a flexible and convenient platform, they have certain criteria that you have to fulfill to be eligible to receive a loan. Here are some of MoneyMutual’s basic requirements that you have to fulfill:

  1. You must be 18 years old
  2. You should have a checking account 
  3. Your monthly income should be at least $800 


  1. Simple and short application form 
  2. Monthly payment is convenient 
  3. The maximum loan limit is $5000 
  4. Loan approvals are given within 24 hours 
  5. A secure platform where your privacy is respected


  1. MoneyMutual does not operate in some US states 

The company is majorly known for its customer reviews. The better the review, the higher the reputation it will have. This is one of the major reasons behind MoneyMutual’s success. They have a wide network of satisfied customers who took a loan from MoneyMutual and had an amazing experience with them. Since MoneyMutual works hard to provide the ultimate experience to their customers, it is paid back in the form of positive reviews!

So if you are looking to apply for an emergency loan while having a bad credit score, MoneyMutual is your place to go!

6 Important Things to Remember While Taking a Bad Credit Loans 

Taking a bad credit loan through MoneyMutual might sound like a piece of cake but it’s only for those who understand its technicalities. Here are the 6 most important aspects related to bad credit loans that you should know about:

  1. Analyze all aspects 

Before taking an emergency loan you have to analyze all types of charges and terms carefully. People often get into traps of loans that are offered at low-interest rates. Beware! These loans often have strict terms and conditions that are very hard to fulfill. So, if you are thinking a low-interest rate is your best bargain, read the terms and conditions again.

  1. Understand the types of Interest Rates 

Loans can be offered on two types of interest rates: fixed-rate and mixed interest rates. People often fail to analyze when they would be paying a higher interest rate because it differs from case to case. In certain cases, fixed interest rates are cheaper than mixed ones that are offered on a declining basis and vice versa.

  1. Know the Charges associated with Bad Credit Loans 

While taking an emergency loan, you majorly have to pay interest money. However, there are multiple other charges associated with it. The following are some of the additional costs that you should know about:

  1. Processing Fee

Lenders charge a payment processing fee that ranges from 1 to 2 % of the total loan amount. This fee is charged with the overall loan amount. As a rule of thumb, the lower the processing fee, the better it is!

  1. Prepayment Fee

Loans also differ on the basis of prepayment schedules and methods. In certain cases, you can repay the loan whenever you want. In the others, you cannot repay the loan until the interest period is over. In the latter case, lenders impose a penalty fee on repayment in order to keep you from repaying it early and to complete their interest period.

While calculating your loan charges, also include the prepayment penalty fee. And if you have the capacity, repay the loan before the interest period ends. Although you will be paying the repayment fee, you will be saving a lot of money by avoiding interest charges.

  1. Late Payment Fee 

The loan has to be repaid within the given timeline set by your lender. In case you fail to do so, you have to pay a late payment fee depending on the additional time. However, you should always try to repay the loan within the given timeline to avoid any issues with your lender. This is especially important when you have a bad credit score.

  1. Take the money that you really need

The interest rates on emergency loans are charged according to your loan amount. The higher the amount, the higher will be the interest rate. Therefore, lenders often try to convince borrowers to take more money than they actually need. However, you should be determined not to take any additional money to avoid additional interest charges.

  1. Explore multiple options 

Online lenders such as MoneyMutual have a wide network of multiple lenders that offer loans on different interest rates and with different terms and conditions. Therefore, before finalizing a deal, take a look at as many options as you can to choose a lender that can fulfill most of your requirements at a minimum interest rate. Moreover, try to avoid multiple hard credit inquiries as they can reduce your credit score.

  1. Avoid Additional Offers 

Loan lenders are in the business for profit and they always try their best to maximize it. To do that, they include various add-on offers to your loan, increasing your overall loan amount and ultimately their profit. One example of such a case would be the addition of insurance costs to your monthly payment. However, you have the authority to decline those additional offers and only borrow what you need.

Before finalizing a deal, carefully look at the details and make sure the lender has included only the required amount. There are a variety of add-on offers that lenders can include in your loan amount, so make sure to watch out for all of them!

Types of Loans 

Now that you know about all the important aspects of loans, let’s have a look at the different types of loans that you can take to fulfill your emergency requirements. These loans differ on the basis of the interest rate, repayment schedule, and much more!

  1. Payday Loans

Payday loans are the easiest ones to obtain but are offered at a high interest rate. These loans are unsecured, meaning that you do not have to offer collateral. They are not repaid in installments, instead, they are repaid on the borrower’s next paycheck. These short-term loans are usually obtained in hundreds of dollars.

It has been observed that since payday loans are offered at a high interest rate, a lot of people fail to repay it and have to take another loan. This continuous borrowing locks them in a debt cycle that increases interest rates and the annual percentage rate reaches triple-digit figures. Therefore, always analyze your financial condition beforehand and make sure you would be able to repay the loan with high interest rate.

  1. Student Loans 

Most of the college or university students in America live on a tight budget where they only have the money that can get them through the month. In such cases, if there is an emergency they are most likely to turn towards loan lenders to fulfill their needs. And lending companies understand this! Therefore, they have designed loans especially for students in need.

These loans are offered on low interest rates and flexible terms and conditions so students can use them to meet their needs such as buying a new laptop, semester textbooks, stationery, and much more.

  1. Title Loans 

Title loans are given to car owners that range from 25 to 50% of the total cost of the car. $100 to $5500 are generally borrowed as title loans and they have to be repaid within 15 to 30 days. if you fail to repay the loan within the given time frame, the lender has the authority to confiscate your vehicle until you repay the loan along with its associated charges.

  1. Cosigned Loans

A cosigned loan is the one where you have to name a person as your guarantee and in case you fail to repay your loan in time, that individual has to repay it. This type of loan is usually given to those who have a bad credit score. The consigner acts as insurance or collateral. Cosigned loans are easier to approve and they are given at easy terms and conditions. However, keep in mind that it is not easy to find a cosigner and in case anything goes wrong your relationship with that person might end up in hot waters.

Scams Associated with Bad Credit Loan Lending and How to Avoid Them

Just like most businesses, you will come across many scammers on bad credit loan lending platforms. You should be intelligent enough to avoid dealing with them, otherwise, you will lose your money in difficult times. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself to spot a scammer:

  1. Did you receive a direct call from the Lender?

In case you receive a direct call from the lender, it is most likely going to be a fraud. When you apply for a loan, lenders usually call for confirmation and verification. However, if you do not apply for a loan and still receive a call from a lender who tries to get you involved in their deals, tell them a straight no and do not give any personal information. These lenders are usually fraudsters who try to get your banking information and rob you out of your hard-earned money.

Sometimes, you may confuse a genuine lender with a fraudster and vice versa, especially when you have applied for a loan. To avoid that, you can check the lender’s certification at the attorney general’s website to see if the lender is operating legally or not.

Lastly, you should trust your intuition to tell the difference between a credible lender and a fraudster. If someone is offering very flexible terms and conditions, an unusually low interest rate, does not seem to care about your credit score and is vague about the payment methods, that individual would most likely be a fraudster.

  1. Are you finding unusually cheap deals?

While searching for a lender you will find multiple limited-time deals where lenders would be offering convincing options such as little to no interest rate, additional fee exemption, or long repayment schedule. Do not fall into these traps as they are designed by fraudsters to convince you on trading with them.

Keep in mind that credible lenders offer consistent deals and seldom offer any limited-time deals which are even restricted to the loan amount only. Therefore, in the greed to pay low interest rate, do not fall into fraud.

  1. Is the lender hesitant to disclose lending fees?

Always remember that credible lenders disclose their lending charges clearly on their website and are open to explaining them in detail. On the contrary, fraudulent are hesitant in disclosing their charges and are ambiguous about them. They would either refuse to reveal them before finalizing a deal or would tell you a wide range of amounts instead of an exact number. These fraudsters impose huge fees on the borrower after finalizing the deal and force them to pay it. Therefore, always make sure you know all types of charges associated with your loan before finalizing a deal.

  1. Is the lender asking for a processing fee urgently?

All the charges associated with loan lending are paid at the time of deal closing and in certain cases, they are deducted from the borrowed amount. Therefore, if a lender is asking for a processing fee or origination fee right after the approval process, it is bound to be a fraud.

Advantages of Bad Credit Loans

Were you thinking that bad credit loans do not provide any benefits? Did someone say that bad credit loans are the worst ones to get? Well, these assumptions are far from true. Taking a bad credit loan has multiple benefits. Here are a few of them:

  1. Avoid credit history check

If you are taking a bad credit loan, the lender will not do a credit history check that saves you from a further decrease in the score. This is because, by default, the application implies that you have a bad credit score, therefore, there is no need to check and verify it.

In such cases, the sole concern of the lender is to analyze whether you have the capacity to repay the loan or not. To verify that, they may look at your income source or current financial condition. Ideally, you should have some assets to show that can cover your borrowed money. Otherwise, you should have a stable job for at least one year. These situations increase your chances of getting instant loan approval.

  1. Provides access to finance management options

If you take a bad credit loan you have easier access to finance essential that helps you in repaying your loan. It guides you about managing your expenses according to your earnings, scheduling your payment deadlines, and overall budgeting helps you in increasing your credit score. Overall, it displays you as a trustworthy individual in front of your lender.

  1. Borrowing huge amount of money is possible

People often think that taking huge loans with a bad credit score is not possible. However, that is not the case. All you need to do is to provide proof of your stable income and portray your capacity to repay it, and you can get huge sums of money. However, keep in mind that the interest rate increases with the increase in the loan amount, so avoid borrowing money that you do not need.

  1. Flexible Conditions

People taking bad credit loans have different requirements and the potential to repay. Therefore, these loans are designed in multiple ways that can be modified according to the borrower’s requirements. You can look for a lender that can fulfill most of your requirements. The factors that can be modified are the loan amount, repayment schedule, interest rates, and payment methods.

Selecting a lender for a bad credit loan is a technical process. Be honest with the lender and explain your situation thoroughly so the lender can modify the deal according to your requirements. Lastly, do not rush in making a decision. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly and compare different options to find the best deal.

  1. Receive funds instantly

Having a bad credit score does not mean you can’t borrow money in case of an emergency. In fact, there are multiple options available for people with bad credit that allows them to receive the money within 24 hours of the approval. Loans such as payday loans and unsecured loans are very easy to obtain even with a bad credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled the 3 most common questions related to bad credit loans. Continue reading to know the detailed answers to those questions.

  1. What is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

APR is a type of additional fee that you have to pay while taking a personal loan, car loan, credit card, or mortgage loan. This fee is the total amount of interest that you have to pay over a year and also includes some additional charges associated with the type of loan you are taking.

Generally, APR is 0.1 to 0.5% higher than the interest rate. The higher the APR, the higher will be the additional expenses associated with it. While you are comparing the APR between different lenders do not compare them as such. This is because they are negotiable, so always contact the lenders and try to lower it.

  1. How does a secured loan differ from an unsecured loan?

In a secured loan, the borrower has to offer something as collateral such as a car, jewelry, or house. The lender keeps the collateral until you repay the loan amount and in case you fail to do so, they have the right to confiscate the collateral.

Secured loans are the most common type of loan that is offered as well as borrowed. This is because lenders have the peace of mind that in case anything goes wrong, their money is safe in the form of collateral. Similarly, when the borrower has offered collateral, he tries his best to repay the loan to get it back.

Unsecured loans do not require any collateral but are offered at a high interest rate. Credit cards, personal loans, and student loans come under this category. Lenders are at greater risk in this case since they are lending you the money with anything as insurance.

  1. What is the importance of a credit report?

A credit report portrays your overall history of financial actions. In case of a bad credit score, lenders take a closer look at your credit report to see if you have any delayed payments and what is your overall financial performance. Always try to have an excellent credit report that enables you to bargain on the lender’s terms and conditions.

Best Online Bad Credit Loan Lender: 


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Take-Home Message 

This marks the end of our detailed review on bad credit loans. We hope that after reading our article, you understand the technicalities of a bad credit loan and will be able to take one in times of need.

Remember that having a bad credit score does not mean you have nowhere to go in the hour of need. Companies like MoneyMutual provide excellent opportunities to people all over America and enable them to get great loan deals even with a bad credit score. While choosing a lender, make sure to negotiate on their interest rates and terms and conditions to make a deal that you can easily fulfill.

We highly recommend MoneyMutual as the best bad credit loan lender in America. Visit their website in order to get a bad credit loan now.

=> Visit The MoneyMutual Official Website

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