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10:33 AM, Nov 26, 2018
9:34 AM, Dec 12, 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone have regular medical appointments to catch health problems before they start. However, many people find it overwhelming to manage their own, and their family's, health care decisions, particularly as the industry becomes increasingly complex. It’s hard enough remembering to make a doctor's appointment, let alone fitting that appointment in between everything else on a busy schedule.

Luckily new digital innovations are allowing people to do more online than ever before, and giving them easier access to medical providers. These innovations can help folks manage health care for the entire family by offering a number of online services such as: secure patient portals, online bill pay, nurse on call and online appointment scheduling.

Are you taking advantage of every resource you have available to manage your health care online? Here's what Phoenix families should know about online health care services being offered in their area

Find a doctor

Online find a doctor services make it easy to find a doctor based on your location, your illness or the doctor's specialty. In many cases, you’ll be able to see their areas of expertise, clinic hours, languages spoken, star ratings insurance accepted and whether they're currently accepting new patients.

Online bill pay

Save yourself the price of a stamp and the delay of the postal service by paying bills online. A patient needs only their bill and enrollment number to begin using the online bill pay service. Some providers will simplify the process even further by issuing a single billing statement for all outstanding balances rather than sending separate statements from the clinic, physician and other services.

Nurse-on-call hotline

Not sure if you should make an appointment, head to urgent care or wait out your symptoms? A nurse-on-call hotline  allows you to speak with a nurse who can help you determine what level of care you need. This service is available at no charge to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week




Online patient portals

After seeing your doctor, you may have access to notes, diagnoses, vitals, prescriptions and lab results, through a secure online patient portal. Many medical practices now offer online portals where you can create a confidential account that will allow you easy access to your important medical information in a secure place. Parents can also be designated as a proxy in order to access their children’s health information via the portal.

If you or your family member is discharged from a hospital, chances are you will be sent home with quite a bit of paperwork, instructions and prescriptions. It's easy to forget some of what you're told or lose some of the paperwork in the transition home. Online patient portals also offer a place for you to revisit your hospital discharge instructions in a format that can't accidentally be thrown out with the junk mail.

Online check-in

Sick of waiting in doctor's office waiting rooms? Some providers now offer online check-in services where you can reserve your spot and wait from the comfort of home before your check-in time. This service also allows you to see the estimated wait time and will give you an idea of how long you’ll need to wait before being seen.

Banner Health has a team of experts who focus on bringing innovations to their patients and customers, to help manage health care for the entire family. Make an appointment today and find out how Banner Health is making healthcare easier for you and your family.

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