36 best sites to buy Instagram followers (real & safe) in 2022

9:41 AM, Dec 28, 2021
10:37 AM, Dec 28, 2021
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When you think about social media, the first platform that comes to everyone's mind is Instagram. It is one of the most powerful social media networks that might make or break your online career. Launched in 2010, Instagram has become the hottest online hub to showcase your talents, promote your business or just entertain your audience. It has evolved into a platform that is much more than just sharing photographs with your near ones. If you are using Instagram to build your brand but have gotten no success yet, then it is high time you need to look for better resources. One of them is tobuy Instagram followers from trusted social media websites. These sites provide the most authentic and active Instagram followers that are organically sourced to fit your target audience criteria.

Here are some of the best sites that help you buy active Instagram followers at the most affordable prices. Whether you are a beginner or an established brand, these sites will help you rise and shine within your niche. So, have a look and pick the best site for your Instagram growth.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers:


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Another most talked about marketing website to buy Instagram followers is Viralyft. With excellent website design, user-friendly interface, quality service, and quick delivery, this site add more value to your Instagram profile. Viralyft is very well-known for providing 100% real followers so that’s one thing you can stop worrying about.

The whole network of this marketing company is safe. You never have to share your personal information or password. All you need to do is to select a suitable package and it will be delivered in no time. Apart from these superb features, Viralyft also provides a free refill guarantee and money-back policy to all its clients.

Talking about the pricing plans, this site offers around 100 followers for less than $3. The other plans offer from 250 – 2500 followers at a price range of $5 - $36 which pretty much fits in everyone’s budget. If you want even more engagement and followers, you can opt for the topmost plans that offer 5000 – 10,000 followers at $56 and $94.99 respectively.


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In just a matter of a few years, SocialRush has built a loyal and trustworthy customer base who claim that it is one of the best sites to buy followers for Instagram. They have a flawless management system that takes care of your needs and provides the best suitable packages that'll help you grow on Instagram. If you are looking to go viral on Instagram then this is the right service provider for you.

SocialRush is an easy platform with a variety of features. They are very authentic when it comes to sourcing out followers for your niche. This is why they have diverse Instagram packages with 30 days money-back return guarantee and a free refill policy. Even the pricing is very economical that will fit every budget. It starts from as low as $3.99 for 100 followers and goes up to $107.99 for 10,000 followers.


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The first and most popular option on the list is GetViral. This Instagram service provider prides itself on its exclusive loyal customer base, who has received tremendous results over the past years. This company is known for its quick service and ability to help you grow your Instagram presence. All the followers come from actual user accounts from all over the world, so you get the maximum exposure for your profile.

Apart from Instagram, GetViral also supports multiple other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and more which can be used for cross-promotions. No matter how many followers you buy from GetViral, the results will always be satisfying. And it only takes a few seconds to buy followers on GetViral.

The site is completely secure with SSL encryption and accepts all common payment methods, including credit and debit cards. The pricing plan starts from $2.99 that offers 100 followers and goes up to $107 that offers 10,000 followers.


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SocialPros is one of the oldest Instagram service providers in the marketing industry who work consistently to give the best results. They have a massive social network spread across the globe which comes in handy when you purchase their services. This way you only receive organically sourced followers that match your target audience. The best part about this company is its support system. It caters to all your needs and provides quick solutions.

Besides this, the team works relentlessly providing new authentic ideas and support to help you grow exponentially on Instagram. Here you can buy real Instagram followers starting from $2.50 (100 followers) and go up to $105 to buy 10,000 followers for your profile. The delivery usually takes 4-5 days but the results are impeccable.


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Whether you are a beginner, local business, influencer, or brand, this site will help you make it big in your respective field. If you are tired of receiving a low engagement rate on your profile, then FollowerPackages is the perfect choice for you to up your game. They provide anything and everything you need to increase engagement on Instagram including views, likes, shares, comments, and followers.

Not only is this site 100% genuine, but it is also known for providing the most active Instagram followers to all its clients who help to increase your engagement rate organically. The results are guaranteed and so is your growth on Instagram; all of this at a very reasonable rate. Here, you can buy IG followers starting at $15 (500 followers) that will be delivered within 24-72 hours. If you wish to buy more followers, you can go for the higher plans starting at $59 and $119 that provide 5000 and 10,000 followers respectively.


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This is by far one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. They provide a variety of Instagram services right from their exclusive worldwide social network. This company goes above and beyond to work with clients from all kinds of demographics and backgrounds. They are so approachable and user-friendly that you sometimes forget they are only your digital marketers.

ViewsExpert has worked with a lot of influencers and established brands, so they know what it takes to gain attention on social media. Therefore, they are the best in the industry to promote your business and get fascinating results in a short time.

And you don't even have to pay a huge amount to get quality services. At just $2.50, you can get 400 Instagram followers to start your growth journey. And as you attain success online, you can upgrade to higher plans that provide 5000-10,000 followers at $54 and $99 respectively.


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SocialPackages is an amazing marketing company that has been learning and upgrading its services to match the standards of its clients. This company is not just an ordinary site that helps you get Instagram followers but it is a brand that helps you enhance your online presence. They provide some of the best Instagram growth services that can give your business much-needed attention.

The team at Socialpackages works on a crisp timeline to help you achieve satisfying results in a short time. The interface is very easy to use so you can avoid any hassle while buying followers. They have some cost-effective pricing plans that provide 100- 250 followers for less than $5.

You can even go higher and get 5000 – 10,000 followers at $55-$105. The delivery takes only 1-2 days with guaranteed results. And if you have any questions, you can chat with the support time in real-time and get all your problems solved.


Fastlikes comes in the top five choices on our list. Although all other sites are equally efficient and amazing at providing quality followers Fastlikes.io provides a little bit more than just quality service. The team of experts here helps you out with content strategy and audience targeting as well which fine-tunes your overall Instagram marketing strategy. They provide real accounts and active engagement packages that boost your online presence naturally.

In addition to this, Fastlikes provides the most cost-effective plans that can be accessed by anyone all around the world. The basic plan offers 250 Instagram followers at $4 and the bigger plans offer 1000 – 10,000 followers at a price range of $12 - $107.99.


Famoid is one revolutionary company that uses amazing marketing methods and techniques for your Instagram growth. The main aim of this company is to provide real followers through targeted advertising. They use the most natural and traditional marketing approach to gain maximum outreach that efficiently builds your credibility online.

Besides this, they are 100% dediḤcated to their clients so they ensure you feel safe and comfortable using their services. The site is completely secure to make any transactions. They even guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the service. And if you encounter any problem, their support team is always ready to lend you a helping hand.

The Instagram growth packages at Famoid are very affordable and offer followers from across the globe. The basic plan starts from $3 and offers 250 followers. Other packages provide 500 – 15,000 followers within a range of $5 - $200.


In the race of becoming the best digital marketing site, Instamama has made its mark loud and clear. It is fascinating to see the number of people who spend their day sorting out Instagram growth services through this company. This site comes with the best user experience, complete security, privacy, customer support, and easy accessibility. This is why it is one of the best sites to buy active Instagram followers.

Their pricing plans are also very reasonable. You can get up to 500 followers for just $15, 5000 followers at $90.50, 25000 followers at $450.50, and 50,000 followers at $890.50. All services come with a free refill and money-back return policy so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can even talk to the experts for any customizations to get the best service for your Instagram growth.

Friendly Likes

The latest entry on the list of best sites to buy followers for Instagram is Friendly Likes. This company has been working hard over the years to rise above its competitors. And it has done pretty well. They provide exceptional services to help increase visibility and get organic followers. The only problem is that you can't buy followers directly from the site. Instead, you can purchase quality Instagram likes that will help you gain organic followers.

The pricing of Instagram likes starts from $2.90 for 50 likes and goes up to $60 for 10,000 likes. The best part is that you can split the likes and use them on multiple posts to maintain uniformity and authenticity.


Jarvee is another amazing site that does more than just provide Instagram followers. The teams of marketing experts at Jarvee know how important it is to build a good marketing strategy to rise higher in your niche. Therefore, in addition to providing quality Instagram growth services, they offer other features like post scheduling, market analysis, auto-repost, and auto-follow. All these features are game-changing when it comes to increasing your presence on Instagram.

With the auto-repost and auto-follow options, you can search for the most trending posts and users in your niche and interact with them to get more attention. Besides this, there is also an option for automatic follow back which allows you to stay connected with the users who follow you.

This is excellent for long retention and the best engagement rate. Coming on the pricing of the packages, usually, it ranges from $5 - $799 but the final cost depends on the amount and type of services you want to avail. Jarvee also offers a free 5-day trial to test the service before purchase.

Goldstar Social

Goldstar Social provides incredible automation tools that help you buy cheap Instagram followers within your target audience. Their sophisticated software helps in organic promotions and advertising that brings in a flow of targeted followers for your niche. This way you can receive the highest quality followers who will remain with you for a long time.

The experts at Goldstar Social are very versatile and work with people from different backgrounds and niches. They understand that each client is unique with a special set of requirements. Therefore, they work diligently to provide exactly what you are looking for. Talking about the pricing plans, here you can buy followers up to 10,000 for a price range of $3 - $85.


SidesMedia is an unconventional company that offers Fastrack quality followers for Instagram. It is one of the pioneering companies that provide paid reach at the best possible rates. The followers come from genuine user accounts who actively increase your engagement rate on Instagram.

It only takes a few simple steps and 72 hours to receive your followers on your profile. Even the delivery of the followers is so natural that it works seamlessly with the algorithm. Here for less than $5, you can get 100 followers and if you want more you can pay $15 - $109.99 to get 500 – 10,000 followers for your profile.

Get Real Boost

Just like its name, this site provides the much-needed boost to increase their influence by simply purchasing the Instagram followers for their profile. The team of experts at this company works very closely with each client to understand their target audience and social requirements. This way you receive the best of the best followers who stay with your brand for a long time.

Although the pricing of the packages is slightly expensive as compared to other sites, the service that you receive is incomparable to the price. It only takes a few hours to a few days for this site to deliver quality service to your Instagram page.

And you'll be able to see the results from day one itself. You can check out the website to get a better insight into the services. But to give you an overview, the Instagram follower services range from $15 - $850.99 for 1000 – 40,000 followers.

Storm Likes 

Storm likes are much more than just an Instagram growth service provider. This company aims at providing the best user experience to all its customers. Therefore, they provide tailor-made packages to fit your standards. The company is very friendly and approachable. You can contact them any time and get expert advice on building a strong marketing strategy for your profile.

Apart from this, they have secure payment gateways, quick delivery, and assured quality that help you reach your highest potential. The pricing is also very reasonable and offers 100 -10,000 followers at $3 - $89.99.

Viral Race

Viral Race is one of thebest sites to buy Instagram followers. They have a variety of features that helps you to succeed in your niche. For example, they conduct in-depth competition analysis which guides you to strengthen your marketing strategy. Apart from this, Viral Race also provides exceptional Instagram growth services using real accounts. The pricing is also very economical that will fit right in your budget.

The basic plan offers 100 Instagram followers at just $2.99. The next plan offers 500 – 2500 followers at $6.99 - $29.99. The results are quick and long-lasting which helps you get wider exposure among your target audience. So, do try Viral Race to get popular on Instagram.


iDigic aims at spiking your Instagram followers in a short time. It promises quality services that are laser-focused to fit your niche and branding. Not just that you can also buy other Instagram engagements like views, IG likes, comments, and more at an economical price range of $2.95 - $240.99. The website is super genuine and provides amazing results to all its customers.

You no longer have to worry about safety because this company comes with encrypted payment gateways. Even the customer identity is made confidential to help you buy Instagram engagement hassle-free. Along with this you also get a free refill and money-back guarantee which makes this site even more suitable for buying active Instagram followers.


The moment you visit this website, you’ll know that it is going to change your Instagram dynamics for good. They have a well-built user interface that provides all the information you need before making a purchase. In addition to Instagram services, they also provide growth strategies for other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

They have a diverse group of services for Instagram alone which shows that they can manage your profile professionally and take it to success. The pricing is very economical and offers a wide range of trusted payment methods including Bitcoins. It only takes $2.99 to start receiving quality Instagram followers. You can always upgrade your package and buy 500 – 10,000 followers for just $20 - $200.


Buzzoid is the premium site on the list that lets you buy IG followers with exceptional offers. They recently started a big sale on all the Instagram services cutting down the price to almost 50%. For less than $3 you can get 100 followers and even the higher plans are pretty reasonable offering 5000 followers at just $39. Low prices do not mean that the quality of the service will be poor. This well-reputed company never compromises on the quality of the service.

In addition to this, it also takes care of your privacy and safety. The site is encrypted for secure transactions and ensures complete customer confidentiality. They also have an efficient customer support system to guide you at every step of your journey.

Cheap IG Followers 

This company does exactly what its name suggests, it helps you buy real Instagram followers at the cheapest price possible. The website in itself is very attractive with a long list of positive reviews that acts as a solid social proof. They have a fast checkout system which makes the process of buying Instagram followers smooth and quick.

Besides this, the company offers 24/7 support to take care of your queries. Not just that they offer time to time signals to effectively manage your profile for exponential growth. The unique part about this site is that they offer both instant and gradual delivery depending on your preference. Overall, it is a powerful site to buy followers for Instagram at affordable prices ranging from $2.59 - $179.99.


Growthoid is a marketing company that has been dominating in this industry by providing 100% real Instagram followers to all its clients. Not just that, the company promises active followers as well who interact with your content and increase engagement rate naturally. They truly understand the importance of having genuine followers to form real connections and this is why they work relentlessly to provide you with the same.

The best part about Growthoid is that they listen to your concerns and fine-tune your service to help you get the right audience. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, the experts will promote people who engage with beauty content.

Unlike most other companies, this site does not provide individual packages for Instagram engagement. Rather it provides a monthly subscription for its customers to get the maximum benefit. The standard plan starts from $49/month and the higher plans range from $99 - $149 per month.


Upleap is one company that has to be on the list of best sites to buy Instagram followers because of its diverse features. In just three simple steps, this site helps you get the best suitable followers for your niche. Not just that the followers are organically sourced so they help you work well with the algorithm to get more exposure on Instagram.

Apart from the standard packages, Upleap offers amazing customizations for all the clients to help them get the best results. With encrypted payment methods, customer privacy, and quick delivery, Upleap provides the best user experience.

This is the reason most of its customers come back to receive more engagement. The pricing is very reasonable here and starts from $9 for 100 followers. You can even buy 5000 – 10,000 followers at just $119 and $179.


For those who are looking to get Instagram followers at the most affordable rates without any hassle, then Twicsy is the best choice. This company ensures that you do not receive fake followers or bots that can alert the algorithm. They offer the most authentic Instagram followers from real accounts that are verified before delivery.

Twicsy is also known for its exceptional market research and analysis through which it picks a diverse collection of followers for your niche. This way all your followers stay active on your profile and help you build real connections with them.

In addition to this, Twicsy also helps in hashtag analysis to ensure that you stand out among your competition. Thus providing you with all-around success in your industry. The pricing plan for Instagram growth services at Twicsy starts from $2.97 providing 100 followers and goes up to $107.99 for 10,000 followers.

Social Empire

Just like its name, this company allows you to build your empire on Instagram. They provide exclusive Instagram followers from genuine user accounts that not only help in building your brand credibility but also help to increase your online presence. The best part is that it runs background algorithms to find the most suitable audience for your content and niche. Use this website to buy cheap Instagram followers who will increase your engagement rate.

Apart from its explicit services, the site has an impressive dashboard that is well organized and easy to use. The prices are also very affordable and start from $15 - $200 offering 500 – 10,000 followers. You can also buy one-on-one services to learn Instagram marketing that includes a lot of tips and tricks on content strategy, post scheduling, SEO optimization, and more.


Last but not least we have Instafollowers. co, another affordable site that helps you buy real Instagram followers. Not just this, it also helps you get Instagram views, likes, shares, and more for your profile. Instafollowers. co has a massive network spread across the globe and on other social media platforms as well which efficiently provides a diverse array of the target audience.

The company takes full leverage of cross-promoting your content on different social media channels to help you get maximum recognition on Instagram. All of this at a very affordable price starting from $0.59 (10 followers) to $12 for 1000 followers.


Hope you'll find the best site to buy Instagram followers from the above list. This directory consists of all the reputed marketing companies that help you buy active Instagram followers for your profile. They are 100% bot-free and scam-free.

But this is not the only thing we advise you to do. Apart from buying Instagram followers, we encourage you to design better Instagram growth strategies. No doubt you will receive the best engagement rate from the above-mentioned sites but you also need to put in some effort to strengthen your content on Instagram. That is the only thing that will help you stay on top of your niche. So, grab this opportunity while you can and select the best site to buy Instagram followers.

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