6 home repairs you cannot delay

1:43 PM, Apr 20, 2020
8:53 AM, Aug 10, 2020

Your home is one of your most important investments, and when a part of it breaks down, it can be a hazard to your safety, health, and finances.

That’s why it’s important to keep your home in good shape and make repairs as soon as possible when the need arises. To help you prioritize, here are six home repairs you cannot delay.

Roof damage

Your roof is one of the few things standing between your family and the elements, so it must be able to handle everything from relentless heat to cold wind and rain.

When your roof is damaged, it leaves you exposed and, if disregarded, leads to further problems when water and wildlife find their way into your home. Take care of needed roof repairs so that one challenge doesn’t become a multitude.

Foundation cracks

Like most homeowners, you probably dread seeing a crack in your home’s foundation. They happen because concrete is porous, and moisture buildup oxidizes, creating cracks. They can expand and cause serious structural damage to your home, so you must tackle any cracks as soon as you notice them.

“While they might start small, they are usually the result of the rebar oxidizing and will eventually spall and split if ignored,” Arizona Foundation Solutions says. “If you've seen these cracks then you have to make sure you have stem wall repairs done right away!”

Unfortunately, poorly done repairs can also cause problems, such as rust. That’s why you should feel confident in the materials being used on your home. For example, Arizona Foundation Solutions uses the NeveRust stem wall repair system that never rusts and keeps buildings safe for years.

Fire hazards

If you have frayed wires, tripped circuit breakers, or other electrical concerns, you have a fire hazard on your hands. Additionally, soot building up in your chimney or lint collecting in your dryer vent can turn into a blaze with just one spark.

Avoid the inferno by ensuring outlets and switches are in working order, cleaning out flammable debris, and making necessary repairs.

Leaky plumbing

Most of your home’s plumbing is out of sight, out of mind, but when your pipes are leaking or clogged, you’ll know. After all, dripping pipes, leaking toilets, and clogged drains create pooling in your home, which, in turn, causes water damage and even mold. Leaks also lead to low pressure and gallons of wasted water, hitting your wallet in more ways than one.

So, you can either pay to fix the plumbing now, or pay for high water bills and to fix the plumbing and subsequent damage later.


Common household pests, like termites and mice, cause plenty of unpleasant issues. Termites eat the wood in your home, compromising its structural integrity. Mice spread diseases, deplete your food supply, and chew through wires.

Like other household issues, pest-related damage tends to spread the longer it goes unaddressed, so be proactive by taking care of it immediately.

Sinking concrete

Sinking or cracks in your driveway, pool deck, or sidewalk could be a sign of underlying issues with your home. To ensure you take care of the whole problem, a professional may need to do any of the following:

· Stem wall repair

· Cracked concrete stitching

· Foundation repair

· Slab leveling

Arizona Foundation Solutions addresses the underlying causes of structural damage, so you feel safe in your home now and in the future. Learn more at FoundationRepairsAZ.com, and schedule a free concrete repair estimate by calling 602-812-6171.

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