ABC15 launches real-time Traffic Now with Traffic Anchor Brandon Hamilton

Traffic can be a nightmare in the Valley, but ABC15 is ready to make your commute easier than ever before with ABC15 Traffic Now.

Traffic Anchor Brandon Hamilton is debuting new technology on Monday, February 4 to bring you truly real-time road conditions

What does real-time mean? If it's happening now, you'll know it now because our data comes from actual cars on the road, not satellites in the sky.  That real-time information will mean the difference between making a meeting and walking in late.  You don't have time for information to be "processed" in a computer when every minute counts. That's why ABC15 Traffic Now is so important.

We'll have your travel times, average speeds and an easy-to-understand presentation. ABC15 Traffic Now also monitors roadways throughout the state, so from Tucson to Flagstaff, we've got you covered.

"My job is to help people save time, fuel and alleviate roadway stress," said ABC15 Traffic Anchor Brandon Hamilton.  "ABC15's Traffic Now is a sophisticated system that will help me get you to work, family outings or wherever you need to go in the least amount of time."

ABC15 Traffic Now will live in social media too as Brandon Hamilton tweets out the real-time updates with the hashtag #ABC15AM.

He'll also showcase your views of the road – whether you're caught in a traffic backup or passing by an accident. Share your tips, photos and video with him any time:

ABC15's Traffic Now drives into your home on February 4 beginning at 4:30am on ABC15 Mornings. 

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