Gilbert Mormon Temple: ABC15 gives you rare look inside

GILBERT, AZ - UPDATE: Watch FULL ABC15 special on Gilbert Mormon Temple

ABC15 will broadcast a rare in-depth look at the new Gilbert Mormon Temple during a 30-minute special airing February 17, 2013.


The special will show viewers what goes on inside the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and will be broadcast the night before the church opens the doors to its new Gilbert temple, allowing hundreds of thousands of members and non-members alike a free tour of the building.

The special will:

  • Give a unique in-depth look at the various rooms inside a Mormon temple and their religious purpose
  • Provide insight into temple marriages and why not everyone in the wedding party may attend
  • Explain the process members undergo for admittance into a dedicated temple
  • Outline the difference between a temple and an LDS church meetinghouse
  • Talk to the Valley architect fulfilling a childhood dream to design a temple
  • Explain why learning about ancestors is so important to temple-attending Mormons
  • Share a Catholic Priest and Jewish Rabbi's thoughts on the opening of a Mormon temple near them

The LDS church has more than 400,000 members living in Arizona, including the mayors of Gilbert and Mesa, communities with a high concentration of Mormons.

These two cities are home to the only temples in the Valley. A third Valley temple is under construction in north Phoenix. There are also temples in Snowflake and the Gila Valley. A temple in Tucson is in the planning stages. 

There are 169 temples throughout the world either in operation, under construction or announced to be built.  The Gilbert temple is 83,000-square feet, making it the largest temple to open in 17 years. Latter-day Saints believe temples are the most sacred structures on earth, where they can feel close to God and Jesus Christ. 

The public is invited to visit the temple during an open house from January 18 through February 15, excluding Sundays.

To reserve your opportunity to take a tour and to find out more information about the Gilbert Temple, go to

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