Really? Snow falls in north Valley (VIDEO)

PHOENIX - Snow regularly blankets parts of northern Arizona, but rarely does it make its way to the Valley -- until this morning.

As temperatures dropped and rain began to fall in parts of the Valley Monday morning, residents north of Phoenix even saw some snow.


ABC15 crews and viewers sent in video from north Scottsdale and Cave Creek of light snow coming down as dark clouds hung over the Valley.

Jennifer Cable, who lives in North Scottsdale, said the snow only lasted a few minutes.

With all the clouds Monday morning, Cable said she expected rain but not snow flurries so she grabbed her camera and 4-year-old son when she saw the snowflakes coming down.

"You know it's really not uncommon to have snow up here. It happens a couple times a year so I was a little stunned. Obviously, I knew the weather was cloudy and rainy so I wasn't too surprised. But the flakes were pretty large so that was fun," said Cable.

Watch snow coming down in Carefree and Cave Creek in the videos above.





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