Pumpkin carving tips: Arizona weather can dry out your pumpkin; ways to help it last longer

QUEEN CREEK, AZ - If you carve your pumpkin this weekend, you'll need to know some tips to make them last longer in the dry Arizona weather.

So it doesn't shrivel up too quickly, here are some good tips to help make your pumpkin last from our friends at Schnepf Farms in Queek Creek.

1. Carve the pumpkin and apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around the carved parts. It will help keep the moisture in the pumpkin and prolong the jack-o-lantern's shelf life.

2. You can also fill a garbage bag with ice and water and soak the pumpkin for 15 minutes each day. It will keep the jack-o-lantern moist and it will last a lot longer as well.

3. Painting a face on the pumpkin is another option that will allow the pumpkin to last for a couple weeks.

Have fun and enjoy the special occasion with your kids while being creative as you carve your pumpkin.

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