First half of August 2012 the hottest ever!

Our sizzling heat wave is finally coming to end and it has been one for the record books. In fact, this is the hottest first half of August we have ever seen!

Tuesday marked the ninth consecutive day of an Excessive Heat Warning making it one of the longest stretches here in the Valley since the National Weather Service started issuing them in 2005. (We also had a nine day stretch in August 2011.)

Monday marked the seventh consecutive day where the temperature did not fall below 90 degrees and that's a new record heat stretch! The previous stretch of temperatures consistently hotter than 90 was six days back in July of 2003.

Daily records have been falling left and right since the extreme heat began last Monday. So far, we have tied or broken 10 record highs and lows.

Here's the breakdown:

Tuesday, August 7th: Record low of 90 degrees (previously 89 set in 2006), tied record high of 112 (previously set in 1905)

Wednesday, August 8th: Record low tie of 93 degrees (previously set in 2003), record high of 116 (previously 113 set in 1991)

Thursday, August 9th: Record low of 93 degrees (previously 91 set in 2003), record high of 114 (previously 112 set in 2003)

Sunday, August 12th: Record high of 115 degrees (previously 114 set in 2007)

Monday, August 13th: Record high of 115 degrees (previously 113 set in 2003)

Tuesday, August 24th: Tied record high of 113 (previously set in 1988)

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